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Monday, March 5, 2012

[CF][BTS] 2PM filming for ad Coway Sketch!

Hello everyone ~ Coway new model! '2PM' on the filming set~
Ready to shoot~? But who am I in the back? You must be wondering!
Woongjin Conway official blog will follow the filming of all members^^
Please check back with us, even the back view of the members are so amazing

Viola~ 2PM looks great in black suits~
Coway purifier wants to project a good and clean image, which is 2PM indeed!
I will add more of 2PM in black suits on my blog~

Nichkhun, it is hard to shoot if you are resting~
Or, is that part of the advertising script?
Some of the ad content is restricted, please check on the Coway blog
More Nickhun's photo on set will be post ^^

 Despite the long hours of shooting, 2PM still maintain a bright and fun image - fantastic!!
All staff is working hard on the Coway set but it does not seem to be done anytime soon~
Coway purifier image of using individual 2PM has been completed~

Unfortunately, 2PM's Coway ad shooting finished here~
Of course! Special thanks to the people who took the pictures, come and visit us again!
The story on Woongjin Coway blog ^ ^

Source: Coway Blog. Translated by Google.

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