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Monday, March 5, 2012

[News] 2PM Taecyeon vs. David Beckham on the cover of 'Men's Health Magazine'

It was recently revealed in an online community that 2PM member Taecyeon of "beastly idol” fame and sexy soccer (football for non-Americans) star David Beckham were the cover models for the March issue of 'Men's Health Magazine' in Korea and England, respectively. What caught people's attention was the fact that both men exuded their own unique brand of masculine sexiness on their covers.

The March issue of 'Men's Health' marks the 6th anniversary of the Korean edition, and Taecyeon, who is the cover model, appears in just his banded training pants, revealing his masculinity through his sexy abs and muscles. David Beckham, who decorated the March cover of the English edition, caught people's attention with his smooth sexiness.

Netizens who saw the  two covers praised Taecyeon, saying, "Total terminator of sexiness, Taecyeon, was able to beat the world's sexiest guy Beckham", "He's only wearing training pants, but he's so sexy", and "My eyes were rolling in my head from Taecyeon's sexy abs".

Who do you think has the sexier cover, Taecyeon, or Beckham?

Source: allkpop

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