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Saturday, March 3, 2012

[News] 2PM Junho Volunteers in Ethiopia

Word has gotten out that 2PM member Junho has returned from volunteering in Ethiopia.  What a warm and touching story!

On February 27, the first episode of EBS Global Project program "Sharing" filled the TV screens in Korea.  On this episode, 2PM member Junho didn't use his vacation days he received in the four years since debut for a personal vacation, but left for volunteer service in Ethiopia, Africa last January.

For the past year, Junho has been secretly sponsoring a child in Ethiopia.  During his trip, he personally met and gave a gift to his sponsored child.  He also met patients who are suffering from a rare skin disease, elephantiasis, where the feet changes and bears a likeness to elephant feet.  It's touching to see him sing and dance for the enjoyment of these patients.

Viewers who have watched this broadcast were extremely touched and commented with, "I felt many different feelings while watching Junho's segment.  It'd be great to have a community where everyone loves each other," "It'd be great if people could be more interested in doing such volunteer work and realize how much joy volunteering can give them," "Watching this really touched my heart," "This made me reflect on myself," and "I want to share happiness, too."

Global Project "Sharing" is a program where celebrities use their talents to give love to less fortunate people.  Next up, singer Harim and the Rooftop Moonlight, The Band that Plays Because We Like To, and other Hongdae indie musicians will go to Zambia, Africa to continue sharing love.

Source: soompi

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