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Saturday, June 9, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Taecyeon apologizes to INFINITE fans for misunderstanding

2PM‘s Taecyeon sent an apology to INFINITE fans on Twitter.

His apology referred to the tweet exchanges between him and singer G.NA that had left some fans confused.

G.NA posted on the 8th after ‘M! Countdown‘, “Though I didn’t receive 1st place tonight, I want to thank everyone who voted me as a candidate alongside Baek Ji Young sunbae and INFINITE sunbae.

Taecyeon later tweeted, “It’s odd to me that the kids from INFINITE are sunbaes to you, nuna.” G.NA responded, “It’s probably because I’m older. U guys r like major sunbae’s man (sic).

What seemed to ruffle the feathers of some INFINITE fans was the 2PM member’s next reply: “Major sunbae whatever. like i always say, we’re growing old together haha (sic).” The misunderstanding arose from his statement, “Major sunbae whatever,” as there were fans of INFINITE who felt that his comment was directed to their favorite group, along with not understanding the English portion (“like I always say, we’re growing old together haha”) of the tweet.

He later re-tweeted another post by an INFINITE fan: “INSPIRITS (INFINITE’s fan club), the major sunbaes referred to were 2PM, not INFINITE, please don’t misunderstand.

Taecyeon also tweeted to clarify, “I think some of you misunderstood~ I think it’s good that we work it out like this~ INFINITE congratulations on your two year anniversary, and I will be more cautious so that misunderstandings won’t arise in the future.” With 2PM fans and INFINITE fans continuing to argue, he added, “Okay let’s stop~~ Because both oppas are precious ^^,” asking everyone to stop the bickering.

Netizens commented, “I wish INFINITE fans don’t misunderstand,” “I think it arose because of the part in English,” and “I hope both 2PM and INFINITE succeed.

Source: Taecyeon’s Twitter; Osen, eToday, Financial News, TVDaily via allkpop

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