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Monday, June 17, 2013

Mom arrested for letting kids play outside

Mom arrested for letting kids play outside, InfoWars.com reports on Saturday, September 15, 2012, that a La Porte, Texas mother has been falsely arrested for child endangerment after a neighbor reported that she'd abandoned her children when she let them ride their scooters in the street.

The mother, Tammy Cooper, is suing her neighbor, Shelley Fuller, the city of La Porte Police Department and an unidentified officer in Federal Court.

In her complaint, Cooper says she lives on a “quiet, suburban cul de sac” and frequently allows her children to ride their scooters in the street. While they're playing she either sits outside and watches or she watches through the large windows on the front of her house.

On this particular day, Cooper's children were riding their scooters in the cul de sac when her neighbor, Shelley Fuller, called the La Porte Police Department to report that the children had been abandoned.

When Cooper told the responding officer that she'd been home the whole time, watching her children through the window, the officer went across the street to talk with Fuller. Fuller then told the officer, for the first time, that she had struck one of the children with her car while they were playing in the street. After another brief discussion, Cooper was placed under arrest for felony charges of child endangerment and child abandonment.

Courthouse News states, "Never at any point were any of Cooper's children hit by a car as they played in the street. Moreover, Cooper was observing her children the entire time they were outside on the date of her arrest and thus could not plausibly have abandoned them.”

“Despite the fact that Fuller alleged she had hit one of the children with her vehicle, no medical response was called for or needed as it was obvious that neither child had been hit by a car or was hurt in any way.”

“Interestingly, Fuller was never confronted about her lie regarding striking the child with the car. Instead, Cooper, the victim of an angry neighbor, was arrested and charged with a crime in a public and embarrassing manner."

Cooper's children, whose father is away on military duty, witnessed her arrest and begged the officer not to take her to jail.

Cooper, who has a history of neck, back, and shoulder pain, asked the officer to cuff her hands in the front and he ignored her request. Instead, he cuffed her hands so tightly in the back that he cut into the skin on her wrists.

Cooper spent 18 hours in custody, in handcuffs, which re-aggravated her health problems and she may now need back surgery. She has spent more than $7,000 in court and legal fees defending herself against these false charges and she and her children were investigated by Child Protective Services.

Cooper is seeking damages from the La Porte Police Department and the officer for false arrest, and from Fuller for defamation of character.

If you think this is an isolated incident, think again. Reports of wrongful arrest are happening more and more frequently across the country and abuse at the hands of responding police officers is escalating. A good example is the recent story of the mom who was strip-searched at the roadside by five male police officers while her children looked on. During that horrific event the woman's tampon was forcibly removed by one of the officers – all while standing at the side of a busy road.

In December 2010, Alex Jones warned listeners about the Department of Homeland Security's newest invasive tactic in their battle to gain complete control of the sheeple of the United States of America when he lambasted Janet Napolitano's “See Something, Say Something” campaign, comparing it to the Gestapo.

“Jones cites a report by Robert Gellately of Florida State University that shows that 80% of all Gestapo investigations were conducted as a result of one neighbor 'turning in' another. But why would people of the same class even want to spy on each other and report each other to the authorities?”

“Gellately's research indicates that people who inform on their neighbors do so not out of consideration of safety and security. They do so out of greed or jealousy or because of petty arguments.”

Did Shelley Fuller have some sort of grudge against Tammy Cooper? If not, she wouldn't have claimed she'd hit one of the children with her car, when it's obvious she didn't, in an effort to make Cooper look guilty of the charges.

But the bigger questions is: Do any of your neighbors have a grudge against you? Because the Department of Homeland Security has made it possible for anyone to be arrested, simply by filing a complaint. You could be next.

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