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Monday, July 9, 2012

[Entertainment][ENG] Wooyoung's chatting on 9 July

Room : Only Girl ^^

WY: Hello ^^   ^^
Fan: You were awesome today
WY: Thank you
Fan: Best best
WY: I'm not fully satisfied about today T_T
Fan: How come T__________T
WY: I dunno T_T
Fan: T_T
WY: Hmm T_T

Fan : Oppa, I translated today's showcase live and overseas fans were very happy for you
WY: Haha that feels great ^^    ^^
Fan: Oppa, you're so big now... Global   ...
WY: ^^
Fan: I'm spreading news about you to my friends kkkk
WY: Well done ^^   ^^
Fan : Thai fans absolutely love Wooyoung's solo!!!!!! ^^ kkk   !!!!!! ^^
WY: Thank you ~ !!   ~ !!
WY: Now ...   ...
Fan: No...  ...
WY: I'm off to sleep kkk
Fan: T_____________T
WY: See you later ^^ ^^

WY: Goodnight~!! ~!!

Kor-Thai : Tik@2pmalways | Kor - Eng : Haeda@2pmalways

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