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Thursday, July 12, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Nichkhun admits he pretended not to understand Korean at times

On the international stars special of ‘Radio Star‘, 2PM‘s Nichkhun admitted that he sometimes pretended as if he did not understand Korean in the past, leaving the guests laughing at his sly yet honest confession.

On the July 11th broadcast, 2PM’s Nichkhun was asked, “Rumor has it that you speak Korean well enough to even use profanity, but other times you pretend you don’t understand at all. Is this true?

This is true,” Nichkhun answered and further explained that this was something he had done in the past. “Sometimes when I didn’t want to do something, I listened for a while and gave them a blank look and pretended I didn’t understand. But now I can’t get away with doing that anymore, I’ve used it way too many times,” he added, evoking laughter on set.

The MCs then asked him if the 2PM members use profanity often, and contrary to the MCs hopes of further digging out the unknown habits of the 2PM members, Nichkhun remarked, “Of course…not.

Also on the episode was his previous ‘We Got Married‘ partner, f(x) leader Victoria and Robert Holley.

Source: TVReport via Nate, Radio Star broadcast via allkpop

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