Sunday, September 2, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung's Final Solo Activity Speech

I got it through today!! ^^ Feeling terribly great? Tomorrow’s a definite fighting as well!!

Wooyoung's message at 2PM's Official Cafe:
Everyone hello, this is Wooyoung~
Yesterday with the final high-touch event
My solo activities have officially come to an end T.T
This time through my solo activities
Once again I managed to feel the hot passion of our Hottest.
I was honestly touched
And I gained a lot more confidence for the further activities.
The precious support from each and every one of you!! I will never forget it^^
I will put my effort into becoming 2PM & Wooyoung that give their best without any regret.
Everyone, you’re going with us until the end right? ^0^
Thank you ?
I love you ?

Credit: Kor-Eng: @2PMALWAYS

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