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Saturday, August 6, 2011

[News] 2PM performed necktie dance for the first time at Jingu Gaien Firework Event

Jingu Gaien Firework Event had been taken place for 32 years and about 10 hundreds of fireworks thrown up in the sky in the middle of Tokyo last night.

Although many of popular artists have their live performances at this firework event every year, 2PM came up on stage with fans scream and performed their new single [I’m your man] for the first time.

This new single [I’m your man] shows beastly, manly and strong sides of 2PM. Following their debut single [Take Off]’s plane dance, the boys attracts fans with necktie dance this time. Wild, hard and sexy dance grabbed fan’s heart in this hot summer night.

They also performed [Without U Japanese ver.] and [Heartbeat Japanese ver.] they changed their outfits and in the performance of [Take Off], all the audience sang along with the boys. At the end of the stage, they performed [Hands Up] which is released in Korea in June.

2PM’s one of next biggest stage is which will be held in Saitama Super Arena on 8/17 and 8/18. We are looking forward to see their more energetic stages.

Source: barks | Jpn-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways 

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