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Friday, August 5, 2011

[News] Child actress Ahn Seo Hyun gets protective of 2PM’s Taecyeon

Child actress Ahn Seo Hyun adorably expressed her concern over her 'Dream High' co-star, 2PM's Taecyeon, because he experienced an embarrassing rejection not just from one woman, but from three!

On August 5th, Ahn Seo Hyun tweeted Taecyeon with,

"Oppa, guard your pride. I don't like Bong Sun unni and Nami unni."

To this, Taecyeon replied,

"Since it's a variety program, just enjoy the show. Don't dislike the unni's too much."

Shin Bong Sun and Oh Nami both rejected Taecyeon's couple offer on 'Happy Together Season 3' on the August 4th. He was also rejected by Dal Shabet's Subin.

The cast had to couple up for a game involving 'Pepero', a popular stick snack in Korea, but Taecyeon was left partnerless, and so he was disqualified from the game.

Those who saw Ahn Seo Hyun's tweets said, "Seo Hyun really seems to like Taecyeon", "It's amazing to see that she hasn't slept til this late to watch this", and "Her response is so cute".

Source: TV Daily via Nate via allkpop

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