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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[News] Taecyeon explains the pictures of 2PM members disappearing

On "Strong Heart," 2PM's Taecyeon explained the pictures of various members disappearing while leaving their clothes behind as if only their bodies vanished into thin air.

He said, "There was a concert in Taiwan and I shared a room with Junsu. Even in Korea, Junsu tends to disappear a lot. Because he left his clothes behind, I thought he went to the bathroom. After ten to fifteen minutes, he didn't come out. When I opened the door, he wasn't in there. Junsu had set up the clothes he wore that day on his bed as if he had been lying down when only his body vanished.

"Wanted Junsu. There was only clothes."

I thought I could find out where he went because there were fans outside, so I put up the picture via sns (social networking service). While I was doing that he came in wearing a white gown. He said he had been next door in Junho's room. But the missing picture received a warm response on the internet."

After this warm response, the 2PM members started a picture-taking parade. Unable to remain solely affected, Junsu also took a picture of Taecyeon's clothes lying on the bed. After more good reactions, Taecyeon and Junsu called over Nichkhun and Chansung to also let them in on the ‘Missing 2PM' picture phenomenon.

"Wanted Taecyeon. There were only clothes."

"Wanted Junsu and Taecyeon. There were only clothes."

"Wanted Junsu-hyung, Taecyeon-hyung and Khunnie-hyung. There were only clothes."

"Wanted Taecyeon-hyung, Junsu-hyung, Khunnie-hyung and Chansungie. There were only clothes."

"Wanted Taecyeon, Junsu, Nichkhun, Chansung and Junho."

Taecyeon said, "I thought that I definitely had to call over Wooyoung, too. When I found him and tried to get him to take off his clothes, he said he couldn't and had to cover up no matter what, so I took this picture."

In the picture, Wooyoung is lying on the bed while the other members wore white gowns and stood over him.

"Wooyoung, please take off your clothes..."

Source: 2PMnews

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