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Sunday, March 11, 2012

[News] 2PM captivates 160,000 fans with their ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’

 2PM has completely taken Asia by storm with their 'Hands Up Asia Tour'!

With Hong Kong as its last stop on March 10th, the boys successfully pulled off seven long months of performing for thousands of fans all over Asia.

Their tour brought in 7,000 fans in Korea, 100,000 fans in Japan, and a total of 52,000 total fans in Taiwan, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Nanjing, bringing the tour's total to about 160,000 fans. Every concert brought in an explosive response from the audience, and 2PM returned the favor right back by donating concert proceeds in Thailand and Nanjing to local charities.

The finale in Hong Kong was the boys' first ever concert in the city, but that didn't stop them from selling out 9,000 tickets two months before. The boys met with 50 different media outlets during their press conference and high fived 500 fans at a separate special event. Of course, more fans than anticipated arrived, completely paralyzing the shopping mall the event was held in.

During their actual concert, 2PM carried around baskets full of roses and passed them out to their fans, stopping to take personal photos along the way.

2PM expressed, "We're extremely glad to have been able to meet and have so much fun with people that love us and our music. We promise that we'll return with a beter image again. Thank you once again for always supporting us."

2PM will be holding their next fan meeting on April 1st.

Source: allkpop

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