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Thursday, March 29, 2012

[News] 2PM NIckhun nominated for Kerd Award of the Year

2PM Nichkhun is nominated for Kerd Award of the Year, hosted by Thailand's popular entertainer Woody.

There are 7 categories:
Born to be Hot - artist who is consistently talk of the town throughout the year
Born to be Famous - up and coming new artist who has became hot item
born to be Together - power couple in the leading roles considered to be the best match
Born to Grasp the Main Scene - artist in supporting role who outshines the leading roles
Born to be a Comedian - most popular comedian
Born to be Giver = artist who gives back to the public
Born to be Pop - most popular singer with most famous song fo the year

The biggest award of the show is the Kerd of the Year award, which is given to people who have had the most influential activities that year. The winner is selected through votes from mobile phones and SMS located in Thailand.

In regards to the nomination, 2PM Nichkhun commented "I am very nervous and overwhelmed that I am not only invited to such a large award ceremony, but also nominated for an award. I am very thankful for the nomination and it is a great honor. I would also like to thank my fans who always support me. Thank You."

The even takes place on March 30th.

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