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Friday, March 23, 2012

[News] 2PM Nichkhun reveals “I’m not a prince"

Nichkhun(2PM) reveals "I'm not a prince. I'm just an ordinary guy who carefully do everything my best" @ the ECO car 'Mitsubishi Mirage' Opening

On March 20, 2012 at 6:30PM Khun – Nichkhun Horvejkul form 2PM flew to Thailand as a new presenter of the lates ECO car (Mitsubishi Mirage) by Mitshubishi Motor (Thailand) They also allowed press to interview exclusively

The interview as follows

-How's the feeling that you have a chance to go back to Thailand again?
I went back after recently came for the TVC filming. This is so short period. I feel good and warm.

-How's the feeling after you've been choosing as a presenter?
I'm so glad and proud this is my frist time being a car presenter. The ECO are is easy to drive, comfortable and save energy. Help the global warming as well. I feel like I used this car can also help the global warming as well. I think it good for teenager who concern more. Not choosing the high price car but this is the good car have plenty space. The most important thing is help our environment.

-Like the teenager will help the world better just like you , isn't it?
Almost (laugh)

-How was the TVC filming atmosphere from the last 2 weeks?
If you see the TVC will have beach scene, playing basketball with my friends scene and went shopping. All the scenes are CGs. Since I have limited time only 1 day. Then we go to all those location and have CGs on them. It was bad that I didn't go to the real beach. This is the new experience that I never had before. The director technique is different from I used to work with. Once I saw the TVC I'm so impress that how good it be. I'm so excited.

-What is your dream car?
I have to see from the gas point. How many kilometers/liter that the car could do. When I was young the gas price only 20 baht+ per liter but now it was expensive. So I focus from this point first. I like the car that can drive more comparing via kilometers per liter. Now we have global warming crisis. I saw many news about this issue. It was sad. This car can drive 22 kilometers/liter. Now normal car can only drive 10+ kilometers/liter. So this car suite my ideal type the most. Inside the car also have all entertainment gears. It's look small but the trunk is quite big has a lot of space. At first I though I can't fit in the car but after I sit in, it was so comfortable.

-Did you have chance to drive in Korea?
I have someone drive for me (laugh)

-If you have this car for traveling in Korea where will you drive to?
I wanna go to Pusan. Since I like the beach and one of my bandmate was born in Pusan. I would like to have sushi and go to the beach. I would be fun.

-Who will you go with?
I will go with my brandmate. It better not to create scandal (laugh) I think bring my friend home would be better. My friends miss their parents (laugh)

- You really close with your brandmate. I heard that you also have nickname.
Everyone has their nickname. My is Gran Pa because I'm not that strick but I like to tell them to go to bed early and wake them up. I like to go to bed early. So they said I like an old guy go to bed early and wake up early. Just like Grand Pa. I'm Haraboji (laugh) I always think like my dad. I'm kind of old fashioned guy. I always think about nutrition for the food. I don't like loud noise. When they were loud in the dorm I will tell them to lower their noise since it will bother the neighbor downstair. Things like these.

-You work so hard for Movies , presenters. How did you release your stress?
I have some rest by listening to music and watch movie. Thai fans send me Thai movie DVDs I will load them to my tablet for watching. The latest one is Diew 9(the stand up comedy) I'm not sure to practice my Thai from P Note Udom but it was really fun (laugh)

-If there will be Diew 10
I really want to watch but I don't have much time to go back to Thailand. I will so thankful if fans will send me the DVD.

-If you have a mitsubishi car. Who will be the first one to ride the car with you?
My parents would be the best. Safe (for scandal) (laugh) my grand mother, my aunt. My parents always drive me since I was young. So if I have a car I would like to drive for them to go to the beach to Hua Hin. I like the beach it was so peaceful the wave may sound noisy but it was peaceful to listen.

-If you able to drive your bandmate 2PM where will you drive them to in Thailand?
Phuket, My friends always complain that I never take them to Phuket. When I have TAT TVC , I showed them. So they really like it a lot. I think people around the world like Phuket. I told my friends that there are many beautiful places in Thailand that I will take them to. (laugh)

-What will you do?
diving see the fishes. Korea is quite cold so we can swim. It's cold. If my friends were here I will take them for diving (Have you ever go diving? ) Yes I have , really beautiful.

-You have a lot of Thai fans and they really love you. If you have a chance to take them to Korea where would it be?
My fans don't want to go to crowed place. We would like to to to the quite place with me (laugh) I will take them to Han river. Along the river there is a park for joking. Under the bridge also have a nice park. It is so impressed many couple went there (laugh)

-Both Thai and Korea praised that you are so perfect both inside and outside. How do you feel about it?
I'm shy (laugh) It was not true. I'm not the Prince. I'm just an ordinary boy that alway pay attention in everything that I do for people around me. I'm just human sometime I did wrong, but I try to think about people around me. I try to do my best. And, I have to thank you everyone who make me to be in this point as well.

-What would you like to say for fans
Today, fans cannot be in the press conference. I can't meet them. Next time we would see each other. I will be back next week. For Korean fans see you tomorrow. (laugh)

-If comparing you like as a car, where will this car go to this year?
It was a har question. (laugh) Where should I start. From Bangkok? (laugh) If I'm driving now I already start the engine but I still don't have enough fuel so I need to go to a gas station. Now I try to collect all experiences as much as I could. This year I have TVCs in Thailand and also a Movie. This is just like the first step for me as an actor. Every time I answer this kind of question. I have to say I'm just start. I have to face many things from now on. Everyday just the beginning of the next day (smile)

credit: Pingbook l Trans by TKKT@followkhun 

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