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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[News] 2PM's Junho is a well-mannered gentleman with Kim So Eun

2PM's Junho showed that under his 'beasty idol' image, he was a true gentleman.

On the March 24th episode of MBC MUSIC's 'Music and Lyrics', Junho drew viewers' attention, proving to be quite the gentleman with Kim So Eun.

The two were extremely bashful from the moment they met, but the way Junho thoughtfully looked after So Eun throughout their date became a hot topic amongst viewers.

When walking together, Junho paid special attention to So Eun and led her with his hand behind her, while also always remembering to open the door for her, and covering her with his umbrella when it began to rain.

During the company dinner, the staff members pressured the two into taking a 'love shot'. But seeing So Eun's full glass of beer, Junho remarked that it may be too much for her to drink, and quickly switched her glass with his own.

His thoughtfulness and considerate manners towards So Eun not only melted So Eun's heart, but tugged at the heartstrings of his nuna fans everywhere.

His fans, who were blown away by his mindful behavior, wrote online, "King of manners, Junho! His gentleman-like demeanor is stirring my heart", "He knows how to treat a lady!", "Where can I find a boyfriend like him?", "Jealous of So Eun", and more.

The next episode airs March 31st at 11PM KST.

Source: allkpop

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