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Friday, March 23, 2012

[News] 'The Woman Writes The Lyrics' 2PM Junho "Nervous" appearing with Actress Kim So Eun

The 2nd male cast for the MBC Music's entertainment reality program 'Music & Lyrics' – 2PM Member Junho, stated that "I'm nervous working with an actress"

Through an interview related to this program that was held in the afternoon of 16th March at a cafe in Yeoeuido, Junho said, "Other than 2PM members, it is hard to adapt and get along with other people. Without the members, it is also awkward."

About doing a solo activity later compared to Taecyeon, Junsu, Nickhun and other members, Junho said "Because hidden card comes out later", while also stated "Actually, I am not confident. But I will show and give out my best and naturally".

This program is a type of reality program which the male composer and woman lyricist met and collaborate on songs together. The first broadcast has met Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye to compose a romantic love song. The next appearance is Junho. And for the partner, talent Kim So Eun was selected.

About being part of this program as a composer, Junho explained, "Collaborations are usually done between singers, but I think working with an actress can show new colors", and "In composing, all 2PM members are greedy. Although our producer Park Jin-Yeong has produces well for us, but we still think that we need our own colors and everyone is learning little by little."

About the earlier cast Yoon Gun, "Mr. Yoon Gun has done really well, so it's a burden", and "Mr. Yoon Gun even plays piano on the spot, but I can't do that", and "I'm not even working as a composer, because I need to think even on stage, so I will need a lot of time for composing", Jundo said while laughing.

He again said, "I was told Mr. Yoon Gun and Park Shin-Hye even drink rice wine together", and "The event that I wanted to do has came out earlier already. Although I still don't know what kind of event should I do with Kim So Eun, but as it fits my age, I will show/do it, even if it is as lame and lacking.

About the song that they will write together, "I gave a lot of thought about the same sweet song like 'Way Back into Love" from the movie 'Music & Lyrics'. But I will rather try to think of it in an entirely different direction" and, "I will try giving attempts on dance or several other type of song."

Junho's skill as a composer has already been recognized. His composition 'Move On' has topped at No. 1 spot on the Japanese digital music site Recochoku. 'Move On', a duet song with the group member Wooyoung, has gained hot responses when performed during the 'Hands Up Asia Tour' stages.

"I composed the song 'Move On' for the concert's special stage but the response are good, so I am really thankful", Junho said happily as a composer.

Junho and Kim So Eun duets episodes is scheduled to begin as soon as Yoon Gun – Park Shin-Hye's episodes end. Although this program was originally created for MBC Music channel, but because it has received popular responses, the program will be aired on MBC channel starting from 18th (March). (The show) has recorded 5% of viewership on 11PM slot and spreaded a hype. As it was first broadcasted on cable channel and later received good responses, so the program is exceptionally transmitted to air on the MBC main channel.

Source: Pic from MBC Music, interview article from Nate, trans by Wawa via http://it-nuneo.net

[News] 'The Woman Writes The Lyrics' 2PM Junho "Nervous" appearing with Actress Kim So Eun Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tips SEO Youtube 2019


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