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Friday, July 20, 2012

[Entertainment] 120720 2PM Nichkhun @ Ch3 Morning News

credit: TeleminePhobia2

Summary in English
-  Mc said Khun was really cute and praised for his acting. He hugs Khun to congratulate for his movie success.
- When asked how he feels after watching his movie yesterday, Khun said he was excited. When filming he was trying to immerse himself to the role he was given not being himself. He hope he gets better next time.
- When asked how he got to be in this film, Khun said he always wants to try acting and prefers to take role in Thailand first. He is always a fan of GTH films when the director specifically called for him he then said yes.
- At first he didnt know who would be in this film with him only got informed that she would be older.
-Sukwan who is in this film said Khun's mom told her Khun was glad knowing it was her coz there should not be scandal this time.
- Then they talk about 7 something plot ....
- Khun was asked again about his feelings being in this movie as he and Sukwan have never acted before. Khun said both of them were nervous but when the filming started he was surprised by Sukwan's acting skill. Sukwan said Khun was really good too he was really into the role. He made her believe that he really is that character in the film.
- When asked if Khun likes older or younger woman in real life, he said he is okay with both. Older woman would understand him more while younger woman would be cute and all.
- When asked what viewers would get from watching this movie, Khun said he hoped this movie will inspire the viewers to start doing something for their health. He hope they will start jogging and get healthier, mentally and physically.
- When asked if the figure "7" means something to Khun, Khun said when he was 7 years old, his health was not good and he went to hospital quite often due to weak body so his father introduced badminton to him and his health got better.
- When he was 14, he went to study abroad and when he was 21 he was debut in Korea with 2pm.
- The MC asked who advised whom while they were filming this movie as both of them are new in acting. Sukwan said that they both tried to assist each other in any way that they could.
- Sukwan was asked to talk about Khun, she said she has been asked a lot and she couldn't find any stories/flaws of Nichkhun to say. She was even asked if Khun looks ugly when yawning. She said she has never seen Khun yawns. His personality is perfect.
- Sukwan then told story of Khun who seems to like monitor lizards as he kept calling her to look at them if they saw them at the park they were filming. Khun told her to look at them saying this one is big that one is small, this one must be the father of that one and so on.
- Khun said he liked amphibians. His house in Thailand is closed to a canal and he loved to see them. They are not cute but weirdly beautiful.
- Sukwan said she must admire Khun's parent for teaching him really well even he went abroad since 14. He is well-manner, he respects and treats people of all ages very well. The main MC also agrees and said he was impressed when he first met Khun who greeted him in such a good manner.
- When asked what is harder, dancing/singing or acting, Khun said acting is harder. Singing and dancing are also hard but he has to practice them all the time and perform in front of hundreds of people but acting he has to be as natural as possible. To perform, he has to do it perfectly as he has been practiced but to act he has to let loose to be natural.
- When asked what else in entertainment biz that he would like to try. Sukwan added Khun should act more as he is really charismatic in the camera when acting.
- In the end, Khun was asked to talk to people in general to convince them to see his movie. Khun said "Sawasdee Krup, I'm Nichkhun. This is the first movie of me and Sukwan, called 7 Something and it will be in theater next week. Please watch it and hope you get some inspirations or thoughts after watching. Everyone, please be healthy. Sawasdee krup.

Thai-Eng summary by Offogato @2pmalways

[Entertainment] 120720 2PM Nichkhun @ Ch3 Morning News Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tips SEO Youtube 2019


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