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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Entertainment] 2PM Wooyoung's me2day

It starts now!!! Let’s have an exciting conversation^0^

This was a chat between Wooyoung and 10 lucky fans

Fan: “This upcoming concert will really be at the end of the year?” Woo: “Not sure yet, working on it ^^”

Fan: “How did you decide of the 6 days Budokan concert?” “Will it be possible in Korea?”
Wooyoung: “For Budokan decision, we gathered everybody’s opinion^^ We ended with the decision with a lot of anguish ^^” ; “in Korea~”

A fan asked what the “point” of Sexy Lady’s dance is lol
Woyoung:“Sexy Lady’s dance point is…if you can only see my face ~ *^^*

A fan said the dance was really cute
Woo said ” Can i really say that?” Lol
And all of them said “Yes yes yes” XD
Wooyoung: “You’re curious, aren’t you?” Fans: “Yes, yell us please”

(A fan asked who was the rival in Sexy Lady)
Wooyoung: “The dancer who is my rival is…Park….”
Wooyoung: “I actually think Park Jin Young-hyung is the best dancer in Asia”

Wooyoung said he really likes Ken Hichiro Nishihara

A fan actually asked what he thought about JYP’s acting,
Woo answered “…” first and then said “I couldn’t watch it…”And he apologized to his hyung ^^

One asked which member was the closest one to him and he answered “Ppuing ppuing” lol x)

Fan: “Oppa, you seem to be a person who has a lot of aegyo, so who’s your rival?”
Wooyoung: “Aegyo rival….” Fan: “Chansung oppa…?” Wooyoung: “Maybe or…”
Fan: “Taecyeon oppa? kkk”
Fan:” Park…” Wooyoung: “Jin…All the same!!”
Wooyoung: “Jin Youngie hyung”
Wooyoung:“I like his chilly side a lot” (LOL)

Fan :“At this showcase event, didn’t you have a funny episode?”
(LOL he liked that fanboy!!)
Wooyoung: “A certain guy from high school was the most awesome one”

someone asked Wooyoung whether he reads fanfics. He was like there’s funny stuff and scary stuff but if the fans like it^^;;;

also, someone asked what did he do with chansung’s white tiger birthday present.
i think he said he puts the tiger in front of his door cos it’s so scary.

Fan: “If you weren’t a singer, what would be doing right now?” Wooyoung: “If i wasn’t a singer…an architect!”
Wooyoung :“I would study really really hard and i wanted to design and change people’s interior” (lol sorry for my bad english)
Wooyoung :“I like decorating rooms”
And all the fans started to say “please decorate my room!!” xD

Fan: “What kind of room do you like?” Wooyoung: “A room in which you can listen to music”
Wooyoung :“So you always have to be able to listen to music even when you’re falling asleep or waking up in the morning ???”

CREDIT: Dontfeelnopain, dimesaur, Egle0702

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