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Monday, July 30, 2012

[News] Another Witness Speaks Up about 2PM Nichkhun’s Accident “He Took Care of The Victim”

With the controversy around 2PM Nichkhun’s drunk driving accident, another witness speaks up regarding Nichkhun.

On the 29th broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” a witness brought to light various assertions made about Nichkhun’s actions after the accident.

First, the paramedics present at the scene stated, “The victim (who was hit by Nichkhun’s car) was feeling a lot of pain in his back, while his ear was bleeding because of a ripped cartilage. He was experiencing a lot of pain in his left shoulder as well.” The victim was taken to the hospital and is currently being treated.

Also, the police stated, “Nichkhun’s blood alcohol level came out to 0.056%. In regular situations, the offender’s license would be revoked for 100 days, and when an accident occurs the license is canceled if the other party is hurt. Nichkhun’s traffic violation was the road traffic law. He will be investigated further.

A witness who witnessed the accident spoke about the criticisms regarding Nichkhun’s actions and stated, “He never tried to deny his actions or anything like that. Rather, he told the victim, ‘Don’t move and stay as you are. The 119(911) paramedics are coming.’

In related news, JYP Entertainment released an official public apology and Nichkhun expressed his regret by stating that he planned to take some time to reflect on his actions.

Source: ohkpop

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