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Monday, July 16, 2012

[News] 2PM Wooyoung confesses he had a girlfriend before

2PM member Jang Wooyoung denied the statement by his manager who said Jang Wooyoung never had a girlfriend and he simply stated, “I’m simply single.”

Jang Wooyoung made a guest appearance on the July 15th episode of SBS ‘You and I’ and was asked to describe his definition of a ‘Sexy lady’. Jang Wooyoung answered, “The more I work the more I lose the conditions of an ideal type. I like a person who I can have a good conversation with.

He then was asked if what his manager said was true of him never having a girlfriend and Jang Wooyoung answered, “I’m simply single. I had a girlfriend even when I was promoting as 2PM. It wasn’t a healthy relationship.

The MCs then questioned, “Are you telling us that the manager didn’t know about it”, to which Jang Wooyoung answered, “I guess so. I think Park Jin Young will go into a shock when he watches this broadcast”, and he made everyone laugh.

Source: Kpopfever

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