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Monday, July 30, 2012

[News] Police: Both Nichkhun and Motorcyclist Responsible for Accident

Nichkhun’s drunk driving accident turned out to be caused by negligence.

On the July 30 broadcast of SBS’ “Good Morning,” officials in charge of the investigation of Nichkhun’s drunk driving accident revealed that it was not the fault of Nichkhun nor the motorcyclist. It was due to the negligence of both parties.

The police explained, “Even though Nichkhun and the motorcyclist were both driving at legal limits within the intersection they did not stop to check if traffic was coming from either side, if they had done so the accident would have been prevented.” The official continued, “The speed at which Nichkhun appeared to be driving at was less than 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph).

Meanwhile, police officials also commented on air about the condition of the cyclist, “The motorcyclist has suffered lacerations on his ear as well as the back of his head. He is suffering from shoulder and back pain as his lumbar vertebrae have been damaged.” An official with the hospital reported that, “When he originally was admitted JYP and an attorney visited his room. Currently he is under observation and has a nurse giving him 24 hour care.

At this time the motorcyclist refused to comment on the recent development. Once the cyclist recovers from his injuries he can expect to be summoned for further investigation.

Below is an SBS news report of the accident. 10 seconds into the report the CCTV footage of the crash is shown.

credit: Kidwirtb

Source: soompi

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