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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Entertainment] 10 Fake KPOP Maknaes

Being the youngest of a KPOP idol group doesn’t necessarily mean that they behave like one, as many maknaes even seem more mature than their older fellow members. Those fake maknaes act more childish and do more ‘aegyo’ (acting cute) than the real maknaes. We’ve already introduced you to 13 awesome KPOP maknaes and this time, meet 10 fake maknaes in KPOP!

Yang Yoseob from BEAST

With his cute appearance, Yoseob is known as the visual maknae of BEAST. He does a lot of adorable aegyo and even looks much younger than the real maknae Son Dongwoon. Many people mistakenly thought Yoseob was the maknae when they first look at him. Dongwoon is also the tallest among BEAST members, but that’s what many real maknaes are anyway.

Sulli from f(x)

Many people also thought Sulli was the maknae of f(x), but the maknae is actually Krystal. It’s hardly surprising as Sulli looks younger than Krystal. Yet again, being only seven months older, she is the second youngest in f(x) and they even were born in the same year, so basically you can say that f(x) has two maknaes.

Ricky from Teen Top

Up until a few days ago, I didn’t know that Ricky wasn’t the maknae of Teen Top. Seriously, that one with a baby face and child-like actions wasn’t the maknae? It turns out that he is only the visual maknae, while Changjo is the real one. Some people also remember Ricky as the child actor who appeared in the music video for Seo Taiji’s ‘Human Dream’ as well as Seong Seung Hoon’s ‘Love Song.’ Do you know that short little boy in your elementary school and is now even taller than you, but you still see him as a short guy? Yes, I guess that works as a comparison for Ricky’s case. Once you see him as a child actor, he will remain a child in your memory.

Kang Minhyuk from CNBLUE

Like Sulli, Minhyuk is the second youngest in CNBLUE. He is only three months older than Jungshin. My KPOP bias generator that exists in my head can prove it as I’m usually not the type who chooses the cutest one as my bias. The fact that Jungshin is my bias is the proof that he’s not the cutest one in CNBLUE despite being the maknae (doesn’t mean that I don’t like any cuteness, I actually fell for his sweet smile). So Minhyuk isn’t the real maknae of CNBLUE, but I guess he will remain as the group’s baby boy in the future.

Sandara Park from 2NE1

Maybe everybody knows that Minzy is the youngest in 2NE1, but Dara might as well be the maknae. I think she looks the most cheerful among the members and is the one who usually lightens up the mood. What surprises people a lot is the fact that she was born in1984 and is the second oldest in the group.

Jang Wooyoung from 2PM

With his giant height of 185cm, Chansung doesn’t look the youngest in 2PM at all, so Wooyoung is considered to be the group’s unofficial maknae. Being one of the shortest in the group, Wooyoung has a cute body and his chubby cheeks give off a baby face aura. Even real maknae Chansung, who is one year younger than Wooyoung, can’t stand for his cute side and likes to pinch his cheeks.

Jeon Boram from T-ara

Who would have thought that the cute short girl from T-ara is actually the oldest in the group? At the first sight, Boram seems like the true maknae with an innocent cute face, quite an opposite to her mature voice (example of an ‘immature’ voice: 4minute’s Hyuna). She looks like a little kid and you probably wouldn’t expect that she is actually really strong and even got second at an arm wrestling match against other girl groups.

Cheondoong from MBLAQ

Probably the maknae blood runs in the family, as MBLAQ’s Cheondoong / Thunder can be seen as the youngest, just like his sister Dara of 2NE1. With his androgynous baby face (no offense), Cheondoong is considered as the group’s visual maknae and he also does a lot of aegyo even though he is usually quiet and a little shy.

Sunny from SNSD

Sunny is the aegyo queen of SNSD and can be mistaken as a maknae, while the real maknae Seohyun is totally the opposite of her. With her mature way of thinking, Seohyun doesn’t even act like the youngest. Sunny is also one of the shortest members so she rather looks like a cute little kid.

Kim Junsu from 5-membered DBSK

Ever since Junsu started doing his angel face, he stole Changmin’s role as DBSK’s cutie. Evil maknae Changmin is the tallest in the group and doesn’t even act like a maknae, so that role wasn’t that hard for Junsu to steal. We’ve had second youngest members as fake maknaes before, but Junsu’s age isn’t even close to Changmin’s as he is a little more than a year older, so there’s not any ’second youngest’ excuse for him!

Which fake maknae surprises you the most?

Source: Vanda Nur Ilmi @ ningin

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