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Monday, May 21, 2012

[News] Naver Music Special: Best Album - 2PM Member's Selection

Best Album - That will allow you to feel that love and lyrics of 2PM [2PM Member's Selection]

2PM Best Album [2PM Member's Selection] is now for sale.

10 September 2008 - 2PM debuted with the song '10? ??? 10?.' There are many songs that have remained hits, including 'Again & Again', '?? ??', and 'Heartbeat.' The members of 2PM who have grown up as a performance boy band have personally chosen songs that be included in their latest album [2PM Member's Selection] Best Album of 2PM, which will give you the feeling and character of 2PM. There are a total of 16 selected favorite songs as well as the song that Junsu composed himself,  'Alive.' Wooyoung's and Junho's song 'Move on' is a special track as well. Before being on sale on the 21st, comeback photos showing the member's new charms will be released for the first time. Please look forward to the event starting at the same time of the release of 2PM's Best album.

(*The 'Only You' music video still requires fixing up so the service has stopped temporarily. It is expected to open again with the completed video with the release of the album.)

[Naver] 2PM Interview about their new album

Q: How have you been doing ~?
A: Good~ We had been preparing for a new album and are fulfilling each of our responsibilities.

Q: Album [Member's Selection] is out now. Please explain the specifics.
A: Yes, the [Member's Selection] album is now out. We debuted 5 years ago, right? That was really a long time ago. So we made this album. We have many songs, so I'm sure that many people are able to only remember the most recently released songs. Thus the idea "2PM used to have these kinds of songs too" came about. Additionally, we wanted to give the re-recorded hit songs as a presents too. Please listen to it. We want you to think of it as an upgrade.

Q: We heard that there will be fun events accompanying the release of this album. What will those be?
A: There's a hidden secret. If you are able to uncover the secret, happiness will follow. WOW~ Well if you really want to know, you'll have to find it first!

Q: Lastly, please say something to Naver music members.
A: To Naver music members, our new album [Member's Selection] is now out. This album is a good chance to find 2PM's hit songs from the beginning to the present once more, so please pay attention to it. We hope to continue receiving such fortune. Please love 2PM a lot and love Naver a lot too. Up until now it has been 2PM. Thank you very much.

Trans: (Korean-Thai) xneneOK27 @ 2pmalways, (Thai-Eng) whiterose @ Wild2Day
Edited: khy127 @ Wild2day
Source: http://music.naver.c...?articleId=3005

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