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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[News] 2PM Member’s Selection

20,000 copies limited edition [1CD + lyrics booklet + 8 postcards + 72pg photobook]

2PM’s best album, 2PM Member’s Selection

2PM’s choice, 2PM’s Members Selection
Asia’s best performance boyband 2PM is releasing the limited edition of its best album “2PM Member’s Selection”.

Having debuted with “10 points out of 10? in September 2008, 2PM have grown into the Asia’s best performance boyband with countless hit songs including Again & Again, I hate you, Heartbeat, Without U, I’ll be back, Hands Up and so on. Now the 2PM members have compounded “2PM Member’s Selection” by picking up the Best of the Best from the collection of their songs.

Preserving 2PM’s color and sense the Best album consists of 16 songs that have been widely loved by the public and that the members themselves love: 10 Points out of 10, Only you, Again & Again, I hate you, She might come back, Heartbeat, Tired of Waiting, Gimme the Light, Don’t Stop Can’t stop, Without U, I’ll be Back, I can’t, Hands Up, Give it to me, Hot, Thank you. Also, Junsu’s solo song “Alive”, and “Move On” – duet between Junho and Wooyoung are included as special tracks.

It should be noted that “Move On” that was composed by Junho and performed by Junho/Wooyoung duet during Hands Up Asia tour for the fans, is being released for the first time at home, and it is expected to receive good reaction from the fans.

Also, this best album is 20 000 copies limited edition, and you will be able to feel the members affection towards the music and the band with every single track, as there will be members commentaries included regarding the episodes about every single song, bringing out various kinds of fun.

Track list:
1. 10 Points out of 10
2. Only you
3. Again & Again
4. I hate you
5. She might come back
6. Heartbeat
7. Tired of Waiting
8. Gimme the Light
9. Don’t Stop Can’t stop
10. Without U
11. I’ll be Back
12. I can’t
13. Hands Up
14. Give it to me
15. Hot
16. Thank you

[Special Track]
- Alive (Junsu)
- Move On (Junho, Wooyoung)

*The album will be releasing on May 22nd*

Source: 2pmalways

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