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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Wooyoung and 2AM’s Jo Kwon to release solo albums this summer!

The 'Ace'-dols of the pop industry's 'brother group' are both releasing solo albums in June for a friendly battle; causing much hot attention in the pop industry.

They are 2PM's Wooyoung and 2AM's Jo Kwon. According to many music industry representatives, the two members releasing a solo album next month side by side will result in a friendly war of one's pride.

Wooyoung's solo debut has been a persistent rumor amongst fans since the start of this year. This was especially so, when Wooyoung tweeted a comment of "We will play a little later" as well as leaving a picture of being in the recording studio with another 2PM member, Junsu, causing an even hotter response between the fans. 2PM's main vocal, Junsu, released a solo song entitled 'Alive' for the first time last October, and has been composing songs as Jun.K, leading many to wonder if Wooyoung and Junsu were writing a solo album or forming a unit group.

Wooyoung is the second solo unit from 2PM to be announced after Junsu, and has been chosen as one who has the capability to be a solo artist. Pop industry representatives have said that in 2PM, Wooyoung is the member with the strongest fandom. The pillar of JYP Entertainment, Park Jinyoung always states, "He has talents and the innate ability of a singer, and his performance ability, etc is also the most improved in all of the members," raising the prospects of his solo album succeeding.

Jo Kwon released a solo song at the beginning of July in 2010. At that time, with his appearance on MBC's 'We Got Married Season 2' with Brown Eyed Girls member Gain as a foothold, he released the solo song 'The Day of Confession', which placed #1 on various music charts, confirming his popularity as a solo singer. It has been 23 months since the release of Jo Kwon's solo song. Previously, Jo Kwon also received popularity during his activities with 2AM for the March-released mini album title song 'I Wonder if You Are Like Me'.

Wooyoung and Jo Kwon who are both born in 1988 trained together for a long time at JYP Entertainment, and show a close friendship. Last December, pictures of Jo Kwon and Wooyoung on a vacation in Japan together were released on twitter, catching much attention.

Reporter Kim Sangho
Credit Sports Seoul
Article http://news.sportsse...ain/1041423.htm

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
Edited by empired @ W2D
May be taken out with credits. 

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