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Thursday, May 10, 2012

[News] Celebrity K-Pop Singers Share Sparrow's Diets with Fans

A small portion of steamed cabbage, four small pieces of sweet potato and a chicken breast smaller than the size of his fist are what Jun-ho, a member of K-pop idol group 2PM, revealed on his Twitter to be his daily diet, which he consumes as a single meal.

Until recently, low-calorie diets have typically been the preserve of girl group members, who make considerable efforts to stay trim. However, more male celebrities are now sharing their diets on social network services such as Twitter.

Singer and producer Park Jin-young twitted a picture of his meal comprising nuts, fruits and a multigrain shake made with soy milk on April 21. In February, singer Jang Woo-hyuk shared his daily diet of black rice, watery soup, a tiny chicken breast and vegetables on his me2day account.

In principle, male celebrities usually unveil their meal plans because the public prefers men with well-sculpted bodies. But those in showbiz say there might now be other motives. Lee Kyung-sun, CEO of cultural marketing firm With Culture, said, "It seems that male celebrities want to become more intimate with fans and gain more attention by letting people know how they maintain their fitness".

One staffer with a public relations company said, "By showing how hard they work on themselves and keep abreast of the latest trends, they are enhancing their image. It's a kind of image marketing strategy. There is growing acknowledgement of how effective this can be, so there are management agencies that tweet pictures of their celebrities exercising or adhering to very strict diets".

Source : english.chosun.com

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