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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Entertainment] 7 KPOP Idols who would make great Disney princes

EXO’s recent trip to Disneyland in California got me thinking. I love Disney and I love k-pop. What happens when you put them together? Every fan by now has probably imagined their girl bias or boy bias to be the princess or prince of their lives. After all, k-pop is like a fairy tale. We as fans have so many dreams and wishes, especially fan girls who wish they had their biases be Prince Charmings and sweep them off their feet. Here are 7 k-pop idols who I think would make great Disney princes.

1. Nichkhun - Ever since 2PM debuted, Khun had always had something about him that made him seem princely. He was even often known as the Prince of Thailand. If I had to cast him as a Disney prince, I think I would make him Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. I think Nichkhun would make a great Prince Phillip because he is such a gentleman and I think he would fight and beat evil creatures to save his princess! He’d also look pretty good dressed as Prince Phillip.

2. Siwon - I think Super Junior’s Siwon most resembles Li Shang from Mulan, looks-wise and personality wise. Holy shisus, they both have those thick eyebrows and manly, sculpted features. Their dashing good looks and strong body build look quite similar. I can even imagine Siwon singing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” can’t you?

3. Dongwoon - I personally think Dongwoon would make a great Aladdin, especially after Beast’s “Mystery” music video where he dressed up in Arabian-styled clothing and did funny moves. I think Dongwoon’s image as the Arab Prince is hard to forget. Wouldn’t you love to ride the magic carpet with him? He’d be a sweet boy and take you to “A Whole New World” and if he had a genie and needed to make a wish, I think he’d wish for you!

4. Lee Joon - This one is all about personality. I think his slightly conceited personality fits best with the handsome prince Flynn Rider from Tangled, in my opinion! Joon seems to have a fun, slightly arrogant personality that fits Flynn perfectly. Flynn is a sweet talker and deep down inside, he’s an amazing guy, just like Joon!

5. Minho - I think Shinee’s Minho most resembles Cinderella’s Prince Charming! Looks-wise, I think they look pretty similar. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think Minho, like Nichkhun, has that prince-like vibe. He’s tall, handsome, and also is very much of a gentleman. If you put him in Prince Charming’s clothes, I think he’d look like the real thing. He’d also seem like the kind of guy who would take time to go through every girl in the kingdom to find his perfect match!

6. Kyuhyun - Honestly, this one came down to only looks. Kyuhyun in my opinion is not very prince-like. He’s an evil maknae that likes to play video games all day. He looks prince-like and if I had to pair him up to a prince, I’d say he looks just like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Prince Eric, did however, fall in love with Arial, who had a beautiful voice, and as a vocal in Super Junior, I think that fits pretty well!

7. Junhyung - He’s a pretty beastly guy, don’t you think? And for this reason, I think he’d make a great Beast from Beauty and the Beast. At first he seems cold, scary, or hard to approach, but on the inside, he’s a sweet guy who cares. And Kara’s Goo Hara would make a lovely Belle in this case.

Those are just who I think would fit as a couple select Disney princes. And remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes, so which idol do you wish to be your prince or princess?

Source: Victoria Huynh @ ningin

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