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Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Entertainment] 10 Most Attractive Foreign KPOP Idols

With the goal of expanding outside of South Korea, companies no longer look for just star potentials in their home country but have grown to accept those of other nationalities. Nevertheless, appearance is still an important factor when it comes to selecting trainees. There is a specific look that is favored in Korea, and that is an innocent and pure beauty like SNSD’s YoonA and miss A’s Suzy. While not all of the idols listed below may fit into the Korean description of beauty, beauty is subjective and I personally find everyone listed below attractive. Lets take a look at the top 10 most attractive foreign idols in K-pop, shall we?

10. Super Junior-M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi 

 Zhou Mi is tall, handsome, and has amazing features that makes him look like a prince. He has this manly but kind and gentle look that all moms would love, and all dads would approve of as their daughter’s boyfriend.

9. EXO-M’s Chinese member Tao 
 Dark circles are anything but attractive, and yet Tao manages to look pretty darn cute and sexy with them. I bet we all wish we could rock dark circles like he does. In the picture above, it’s hard to decide who looks cuter: the panda or Tao? I’ll have to give this one to Tao!

8. f(x)’s Taiwanese-American member Amber
 Amber dresses and acts like a tomboy, but the girl should know that she is absolutely gorgeous. She has great facial features and just the most adorable face, which makes it hard for people to take her tough stage act seriously. Her good looks is the reason why there are so many female fans who have girl crushes on her.

7. miss A’s Chinese member Jia 
 Jia doesn’t have the typical standard of beauty in South Korea, but she’s so fierce and sexy on stage that it doesn’t matter. Whether it be pink, blond, or black hair, her versatile look allows her to rock them all as if they were natural hair colors for her. Although I personally prefer her with black hair!

6. Super Junior-M’s Chinese-Canadian member Henry
 Henry has one of the cutest faces ever. His squeezable cheeks and adorable smile makes me wish I could just take him home and keep him forever. Just staring at him will brighten my mood and make my day so much better.

5. EXO-M’s Chinese-American member Kris
 Kris has this intense stare that I find really sexy. His stare is sexy enough to compete with Big Bang’s T.O.P (at least, that’s what I think). He also looks great with blonde hair and has some pretty kissable lips. Although this has nothing to do with his good looks, I’d just like to add that his deep voice is pretty darn sexy too. The boy is just straight out good looking.

4. f(x)’s Chinese member Victoria
Victoria has a stunning smile that could blind people from miles away, especially in the photo above! She also has some of the most pretty shaped eyes. Victoria practically looks like a doll.

3. EXO-M’s Chinese member Luhan
Luhan is a total cutie-pie! I don’t think anyone would be able to say no to any of his requests. Just look at the boy. You would want to spoil him with sweets just so that you can see his face light up with a smile.

2. 2PM’s Thai-American member Nichkhun
Speaking of cuties, we can’t forget about Nichkhun. He is known for his adorable eyes that twinkles when he smiles. He has such a charming and cute face, which makes it hard to believe that he’s hiding a beast-like body under all that clothes.

1. miss A’s Chinese member Fei 
Fei didn’t strike me as stunning at first, as her looks came off as very pretty but casual. However, it didn’t take very long before her looks grew on me and now I find her absolutely gorgeous. She has a perfect V-shaped face, high cheek-bones, and gorgeous eyes. I’m ashamed I didn’t realize how beautiful Fei was before.

Which foreign KPOP idol do you find the most attractive?

Source: http://blog.ningin.com

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