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Friday, July 13, 2012

[Entertainment] 10 Most Outrageous Celebrity Quotes Of The Week

Say what?! K-Pop celebrities often say the most shocking things! Keep clicking to see a roundup of the 10 most outrageous star quotes of the week!

No matter how much weight I lose, when I stand next to Goo Hara it looks like I have fat. When we were promoting ‘Mister’ we wore clothes that showed our bellies. Before performances I couldn’t eat anything. However, Goo Hara ate whatever she wanted. Because her body is small no matter how much she eats, her belly doesn’t come out. It is quite strange.” – Kara’s Park Gyuri talked about her frustration with Goo Hara’s petite figure during the July 9 episode of “Come to Play.”

Today’s lesson. from. Professor Snoop. Biscuits – ugly faces. My ladiez @GirlsGeneration. got beautiful faces. Legs n. thighs. No biscuits #ONELOVE & #REINCARNATED.” – Snoop Dogg tweeted this message in response to the millions of hateful comments he received from SONEs, following his previous tweet that called Girls’ Generation as having “Legs n thighs, no biscuits.”

When I was 16 years old? When I was in the States. She was Korean…I can’t really remember (her name). Let’s just say it was Jennifer.” – 2PM’s Nichkhun during MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” Nichkhun confessed his first girlfriend was Korean but declined to give out her real name.

In China, I also eat chicken brain. It tastes like tofu. I enjoy fish’s eye too. Oh, and I also eat pig skin, raw beef liver, and beef tongue.” – f(x)’s Victoria shared her love for exotic food on MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” She surprised everyone by revealing she enjoys eating pig intestines, fermented skate (thornback rays), steamed silkworms, and chicken feet.

I couldn’t cut my hair because of my image, and I don’t pretend to be weak because I’m strong. However, I’m thinking of pretending to be weak these days.” – miss A’s Suzy said during an interview with SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment,” regarding her image as the nation’s first love icon.

When I first met Victoria, I was so shocked because of her beauty, and it made me think, ‘Where did someone this cute come from?’ I thought she was obviously younger than me, so I made her call me, ‘Oppa, oppa.’ And she still calls me ‘Oppa.’” – Super Junior’s Kyuhyun said during MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” to describe the moment he first met f(x)’s Victoria. Kyuhyun is one year younger than her.

The CEO didn’t call me or anything on my birthday. But on Hyorin’s birthday, he called her right away and wished her a happy birthday. Once, I was hospitalized during an overseas performance because I wasn’t feeling good. Nobody from the agency came to visit me or see how I’m doing. On the other hand when Hyorin got sick, our CEO bought some snacks and went to see how she was doing at the hospital. I couldn’t help it but to cry when I saw that.” – SISTAR’s Dasom talked about how her agency CEO’s favoritism towards her fellow group member Hyorin made her cry.

I swear to god I didn’t get any plastic surgery on my nose. It’s the way my parents gave me. I’ve got an X-ray picture to prove that. I didn’t get a nose job. I got my eyelids done, but my nose is all natural.” – Min Hyo Rin admitted to plastic surgery during an interview on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

Honestly, I don’t have any friends from school. I transferred three times in high school in order to have a better accommodate my busy promotion schedule. But most of my classmates just treated me as a celebrity. In fact, my schedule was so busy I couldn’t go to school that much either. The whole situation got really bad, so I wasn’t able to make a lot of friends. The only people I can really call my friends are IU and f(x)’s Luna. I guess the only same-age friends are just those two.” – T-ara’s Jiyeon shared her honest feelings about her relationships with friends from school.

To me, it happened three times…These days, I’m having a lot of regrets…” – 2PM’s Wooyoung’s response to the question, “Which female idol asked you out?” He didn’t specify on which female idols actually asked him out, but he did express his frustration for not going out with at least one of them!

Source: soompi

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