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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Brother's' Candice Stewart: 'We've moved on' after racial fight

Big Brother's' Candice Stewart: 'We've moved on' after racial fight

Big Brother's' Candice Stewart: 'We've moved on' after racial fight, Big Brother" houseguest Candice Stewart could be playing a very crafty game against her fellow houseguests who have made racist comments about her.

Or not.

Stewart, who is black, was moved to tears during last Sunday's episode when she was teased during a racially charged confrontation with two white houseguests, Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Gries had flipped Stewart's mattress off the bed and mocked her with a stereotypical black female accent, while Zimmerman got in Stewart's face, daring her to respond.

Another houseguest, Howard Overby, who is black, lifted Stewart up and carried her away as the argument escalated. He later consoled her, saying she had to rise above the racism in the house.

But during the latest live telecast of the CBS show, Stewart said she felt no ill feelings toward Gries and Zimmerman.

When asked by host Julie Chen on Thursday how she was handling life in the house following the confrontation, Stewart said, "In the true spirit of forgiveness, we've moved on, and we're doing a lot better. Thank you for asking."

Gries and Zimmerman, who have made insulting comments about African Americans, Asian Americans and gay members of the house, have both lost their outside jobs as a result of the remarks, although they are unaware of the fallout. Gries was fired from a modeling agency while Zimmerman was yanked from a beauty pageant.

What do you think? Has Stewart really "moved on," or is she being strategic in dealing with her fellow houseguests while showing an upbeat persona to viewers?

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