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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ed O'Neill played college football

Ed O'Neill played college football,  Believe it or not, Ryan Seacrest played high school football and he reportedly "knocked the crap out of people."

Looks can be deceiving. A number of other famous people played football at the collegiate level, though it's not terribly surprising they made it to that level. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson played defensive line at the University of Miami.

Burt Reynolds, who probably could have wrestled alligators for a living if he wanted, played halfback at Florida State before an injury forced him to hang up the cleats. Forest Whitaker, another big guy, played too. He was a defensive lineman at Cal Tech. Click on for five guys who you might be surprised were once college football players.

Given his large frame and iconic character Al Bundy's celebrated football career at Polk High, it isn't shocking that Ed O'Neill played football in college.

But college football is a rough sport and it's not like anyone who's 6-foot-1 can waltz out there and line up, otherwise guys like DJ Qualls might play on Saturdays. O'Neill earned a scholarship to Ohio University and later transferred to Youngstown State where he played on the squad's defensive line. O'Neill even got drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers but he was cut during training camp.

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