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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lovers point pacific grove restaurants

Lovers point pacific grove restaurants

Lovers point pacific grove restaurants, This image was featured on the front page for the Lovers Point Inn.

Just down the street from nostalgic Cannery Row and the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium is a small park on the Pacific Grove Coast called Lovers Point. It is one of the more romantic sections of California filled with bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, easy winding paths and often brilliant sunsets.

In the spring, the entire coastal side of the street blooms in vivid pink ice
plants and other assorted colors. Couples walk up and down the path and the occasional hard core jogger goes by with a dog panting to keep up.

I had been filming this area after a strong rain storm and had taken a break to grab some dinner before heading out to take shots of the impending sunset. We were dining across the street from Lovers Point Park at a quaint little restaurant called Latitudes.

They have this fantastic full window view of the Monterey Bay and a romantic quality to the service and seating. While waiting for our food I noticed that a deluge began outside the restaurant. I thought to myself how lucky we were to be inside dining by the fireplace. Just as our food arrived, hot and steaming from the kitchen the sun began to break through.

I looked at my wife and said you know there is going to be a rainbow out there! She said GO! and and with a few quick bites I was running for the car where I grabbed my camera, tripod and began running down the street away from Lovers Point Park pausing to takie shots as I went.

The rainbow lasted long enough for my food to get cold but it was well worth it. The food was quite good and we spent the last few minutes of daylight filming the sunset.

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