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Monday, July 22, 2013

The honeymoon capital of the world

The honeymoon capital of the world, Quick now, what’s one of the first things can come in your mind when I mention Niagara Falls? If you said, “honeymoon”, you win the prize.

Honeymooners and second – honeymooners have been making their way to Niagara Falls on their “Honeylunacy” as it used to be called, for over 200 years. There’s a mystic here unequalled anywhere in the world and no other place is associated with honeymoons more than Niagara Falls. Here are a few reasons why.

First of all, we have a romantic waterfall that will mesmerize you. We’ve even named one of them, The Bridal Veil Falls” in honour of your visit.

Since 1949 we’ve handed out just under a million (and continue to do so) “Honeymoon Certificates” signed by the mayor that proves you spent your “official” honeymoon in Niagara Falls. It gives you bragging rights to take back home. Even better, the certificate gives you a free ticket to numerous Niagara attractions and discounts at falls restaurants. It’s almost like getting the key to the city.Several Niagara Falls Hotels have developed romantic getaway packages that guarantee you wonderful memories of your Niagara honeymoon.

During the summer months we even have our own Love Boat. The Maid of the Mist has been taking honeymooners and countless other visitors to the base of the falls since the mid 1800’s. Former U.S. president Jimmy Cater and his wife Rosalyn celebrated in 1996 their 50th wedding anniversary with a ride aboard the famous vessel. So why not consider what Polly and Ray Cutler did in the 1952 block buster movie, “Niagara” starring Marilyn Monroe and come to Niagara Falls on your honeymoon. They enjoyed themselves and so will you. I think Marilyn was a bit jealous!

Here’s a biggy. Why not take your in-laws with you on your honeymoon. Get off the floor, I was only kidding.

You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in creating honeymoon memories. To start off, take a walk up and downNiagara Falls Streetof Fun, Clifton Hill. There’s a multitude of attractions that are calling your names.

Check out the Niagara SkyWheel (its a massive Ferris wheel) that rotates 175 feet above the falls, walk amongst the stars insideHollywoodWax Museum. If you’re a fan of the bizarre and unbelievable you won’t want to miss Ripley’s Museum at the top of the hill. On the other side of the hill, walk to the nearby Upside Down House. Hey, you never know, you might get some decorating ideas for your new home. At the bottom of the hill, isGuinnessWorldRecordMuseum. On the outside at the entrance you can sit in a giant chair and have your photograph taken beside a statue of Robert Wadlow. He was the world’s tallest person who stood 8 feet, 11.1 inches tall.

At the top of Clifton Hill is the Niagara Fear Factory, located on the site of the former Cataract Coffin Factory. This attraction boasts that, “over 100,000 have chickened out! I was one of them. This place is really scary. Down the road, another attraction will make you scream, Screamers House of Terror.

Away from the falls you can take to the air and the water with rides on the world famous Maid of the Mist Boats, Niagara Helicopters and the Whirlpool Jet Boats.

The Maid of the Mist takes you to the base of the falls where you’ll experience the beauty and grace of majesticNiagara Falls.

Niagara Helicopters takes you above the falls for awe-inspiring spectacular view of the falls as the birds see them.

Be prepared to get soaked when you take a high speed jet boat ride into the lower Niagara River Gorge. Whirlpool Jet Boat Rides have been thrilling and exhilarating people for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of happy wet people!

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