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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Whitey Bulger’s Partner Sings for Jury

Whitey Bulger’s Partner Sings for Jury

Whitey Bulger’s Partner Sings for Jury, Whitey Bulger ran from the law for 16 years. Twelve of those years were spent on the FBI’s most wanted list. The only reward bigger than the price on Bulger was for Osama Bin Laden himself. He was featured on America’s Most Wanted 16 times. And when they finally caught him, he still had $800,000 in cash, 30 firearms, and some fake IDs.

But now Whitey sits in a courtroom, and has to listen to his former partner rat on him.

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi used to be loyal to Whitey. According to the Boston Globe, on Friday he sang like a bird, rapidly spouting off events and details that only he would have knowledge of. He was a Frankie Pentangeli that no one could get to – no way to shut him up.

He described a time when he and Bulger killed an associate in a phone booth who was too loose-lipped about goings-on in their organization. Someone lured the man to a phone boon, and the two men did the deed.

“We just stepped out from the side of the building — the garage — and shot him,” Flemmi said, matter-of-factly. “We just fired on him.”

Flemmi has already cut a deal with prosecutors to get life in prison for his role in 10 murders. It is his testimony on Bulger that makes him so valuable.

On Thursday, Flemmi had been called to the stand, but only gave 15 minutes of testimony before the jury was adjourned for the day. As he left the courtroom, he and Bulger mouthed obscenities at each other.

Other informants in the past have attested to Bulger’s methods and policies in how he took care of business. According to one informant, Bulger refused to allow heroin, PCP, or selling to children. On the other hand, he murdered people.

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