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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bruins rope off logo so Justin Bieber can't step on it

Bruins rope off logo so Justin Bieber can't step on it

Bruins rope off logo so Justin Bieber can't step on it, We were reminded a couple of weeks ago that it's simply not acceptable to step on a team's logo on the locker room floor, unless you want to be on the receiving end of relentless mocking.

It became a topic of discussion because Justin Bieber, the performer everyone over the age of 12 loves to hate, was photographed standing on top of the Chicago Blackhawks logo while admiring the Stanley Cup in their locker room.

It sounded the disrespect alarm throughout the NHL and sparked a day's worth of discussion on the subject of proper locker room etiquette.

The whole thing was completely absurd. With Bieber set to perform in Boston's TD Garden on Saturday, the Bruins decided to take the precaution of roping off the logo on their locker room floor so it couldn't be stepped on.

So that happened.

I had my own experience coming in contact with the Bruins logo during the Stanley Cup Final when I was lectured by somebody -- not sure who -- from the Bruins' organization for accidentally coming in contact with a corner of it following Boston's Game 3 win over the Blackhawks. Tyler Seguin even opened his post-game scrum by warning people to "watch out for the logo" before fielding any questions from the 50 people crammed around his locker.

I understand the tradition, and understand it's the player's room and if they want to put something on the floor that's their business, but when it's a limited space and there are 150 people crammed into it (like after a Stanley Cup Final game) it has to be expected that it just might get stepped on, even by accident. It is, after all, on the damn floor.

There has to be a player somewhere in the NHL who thinks this whole practice is dumb, and doesn't really care if that patch of carpet gets stepped on. I sometimes think they -- and the teams themselves -- enjoy telling people to not step on it simply because they can (call it a power trip, if you want), as opposed to it being some ageless hockey tradition.

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