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Monday, May 9, 2011

[Live][Entertainment][ENG] 20100515 2PM tvN Newton X Concert.

Editor's Note: This video is very touching. I was crying watching it. *SOB* 

Using 2PM Nichkun's twitter account, he alerted fans of their participation in ‘Newton X-Concert‘ hosted by channel tvN.

Similar to MBC‘S ‘Guerrilla Concert‘, 2PM was set to participate in a guerrilla-style concert, in which only the date and time are revealed without giving the exact location until the night before.

After revealing the location that was specially chosen by 2PM, countless fans gathered at the street concert. Hottest showed their unity and support by each bringing the required dress code, a white handkerchief.

Upon seeing the amount of fans that were showed up, 2PM’s Taecyeon was touched by their support and could not hold back his tears on stage. After seeing his tears, 2Pm’s Chansung gave him a supporting hug while MC Kil comforted him and offered him tissues.

Fans were shocked to see this emotional side of Taecyeon, who is known for being a ‘beastly’ idol. Netizens are speculating the reason for his tears, many thinking they were caused by ex-member Jaebeom’s withdrawal or because of the hardships that they have gone through after February’s press conference.

Both Nichkun and Junsu have showed their appreciation towards Hottest through their twitters, Nichkun stating: “We were all so touched by all hottests today… Thank you so much for all the support! Like I said.. We’re living coz we have you. We love U

See video clip below.

[ENG] 20100515 2PM tvN Newton X Concert. Part 1 / 2.

[ENG] 20100515 2PM tvN Newton X Concert. Part 2 / 2.

[Live][Entertainment][ENG] 20100515 2PM tvN Newton X Concert. Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tips SEO Youtube 2019


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