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Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Magazine][ENG] 2PM on TV Guide 5/21-5/27 Issue

Wooyoung’s personality in the eyes of the members.

Q. Charms?
Chansung: Witty.
Junsu: Overflowing sense of humour.
Nichkhun: Fun!
Junho: Active, sincere and single-minded
Taecyeon: Wherever he is, he makes people laugh.

Q. Weak points?
Chansung: None.
Junsu: None.
Nichkhun: Wooyoung jokes around too much. (laughs)
Junho: None.
Taecyeon: It’s not a weak point, but he can dance in a funny way. (laughs)

Chansung’s personality in the eyes of the members

Q. Charms?
Wooyoung: Since he’s very sensitive, he carefully picks up his words in order not to hurt the person he is speaking to.
Junsu: Cute.
Nichkhun: Very cute with lots of sweetness.
Junho: Has a sensitive nature.
Taecyeon: He is sweet.

Q. Weak points?
Wooyoung: None.
Junsu: None.
Nichkhun: He can’t get up fast in the morning. (laughs)
Junho: None.
Taecyeon: He is too sweet. (laughs) In a way that it is advantage and disadvantage at the same time. (laughs)

Nichkhun's personality in the eyes of the members 

Q. Charms?
Chansung:  He’s very considerate.
Wooyoung: He’s committed to whatever he does and is very considerate.
Junsu: Gentlemanlike.
Junho: Gentlemanlike and very considerate.
Taecyeon: Beautiful face. (laughs)

Q. Weak points?
Chansung:  None.
Wooyoung: None.
Junsu: None.
Junho: None.
Taecyeon: If you try to converse with him when he needs to sleep, he’s spaces out like a grandpa. (laughs)

Junsu’s personality in the eyes of the members

Q. Charms?
Chansung: He is very talented.
Wooyoung: He knows interesting stories and always brightens up the atmosphere.
Nichkhun: Very good at singing.
Junho: He’s a hard working person, sings great.
Taecyeon: Pretty voice.

Q. Weak points?
Chansung: Junsu-hyung… has none.
Wooyoung: Same, none.
Nichkhun: He’s good at forgetting things. (laughs)
Junho: None.
Taecyeon: The only pretty thing is his voice. (laughs)

Junho’s personality in the eyes of the members

Q. Charms?
Chansung: Manly.
Wooyoung: Very manly, he has both – tough and delicate sides.
Junsu: Hardworking.
Nichkhun: Good at acrobatics~!
Taecyeon: Manly.

Q. Weak points?
Chansung: Eats a lot of greasy food.
Wooyoung: None.
Junsu: None.
Nichkhun: Very sincere. (laughs)
Taecyeon: He heats up too fast? (laughs)

Taecyeon’s personality in the eyes of the members

Q. Charms?
Chansung:  Comforting and friendly.
Wooyoung: Always knows exactly what he likes
Junsu: Manly and cute
Nichkhun: Very powerful.
Junho: Calm and trustworthy.

Q. Weak points?
Chansung: Taecyeon-hyung… has none.
Wooyoung: None.
Junsu: None.
Nichkhun: Since he’s so cool, could it be that not having any weak points is also a weak point? (laughs)
Junho: None.

- It’s been three years since your debut. The Korean music scene top beastly idol group 2PM is releasing a debut single in Japan.
Nichkhun: The pronunciation was a bit difficult, but it became a very enjoyable song.
Taecyeon: Please pay attention to the lyrics of the song when you listen to it, they give you strength!

- In Korea you were releasing strong artist-oriented songs full of tragic beauty. This time we see a different side of 2PM.
Junsu: It’s a big challenge. It’s a song overflowing with freshness!
Junho: It’s a bright and fresh song which appeals to your heart!
Chansung: If we were to compare it to our Korean songs, perhaps our previous compositions might seem to be very strong, but this song’s lyrics and composition also have a deep meaning. So, please listen to it closely.
Nichkhun: This time even dance choreography is easy. Please look forward to it!

- The song has refreshing and positive lyrics where the most impressive parts talk about “dreams”. What is a dream for you?
Wooyoung: I want 2PM to become the best group.
Junsu: I would be happy if our music became a part of the culture.
Junho: I want to make music which can become the people’s support, so that when they listen to 2PM’s songs they could smile.

- They are also looking forward to their activities in Japan.
Wooyoung: We’re honoured that we can have activities in Japan. We’re happy and can’t contain our excitement.
Chansung: Already very excited, and we want to work hard in order to show our best!
Taecyeon: Please look forward to 2PM’s passionate and powerful performance!!

Source: 2pmalways

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