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Monday, May 23, 2011

[News] 2pm Interview on "BOSS" official website

Korea's No. 1 boys group 2PM appears in "BOSS" episode 6!

After debuting in Korea in 2008, they stood in the limelight, making a breakthrough in one bound. They then swept away various awards, and now, having finally made their Japan debut in May this year, this boys group 2PM will appear on episode 6 of "BOSS".

In contrast with the original idol image, 2PM is a 6-member group called the "beastly idols" because of their wild, testosterone-filled vibe. These boys will star in an episode with our BOSS, Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki) and the members of her division!

Their joint scene has 2PM doing their biggest seller: a cool and sexy performance. How will it turn out? Check out the details in the episode airing on 26 May (Thurs). Now, we shall introduce 2PM's comments about their appearance!

Special interview with 2PM
We've asked the group a few questions! >>>>>

Q1. What was it like, appearing in "BOSS"?
TAEC: I was shocked when I heard about our appearance, but it's truly an honor. 
CHAN: I'll do my very best to be of some help to the cast.
JUNHO: I'm just so very honored to have the opportunity to appear in a popular Japanese drama, and I'm also really happy that the lead actress, Amami Yuki-san, treated us kindly.
KHUN: I'm very honored, and I hope we can try out more Japanese dramas from here on.
JUNSU: I'm extremely happy and honored that we can appear in the drama as 2PM.
WOO: At first, I was really shocked to hear about our appearance in "BOSS", and it drove me to work harder on Japanese. I think I still have a lot to learn, so I'll work even harder with the hopes that we'll get a casting call again.

Q2. All of you appeared as yourselves, but please tell us the highlights of that scene.
TAEC: The zombie dance, the group acrobatics, and last of all... the part where we rip our clothes open. (laughs)

Q3. Japanese fans participated in the shoot as well. What was it like, interacting with them?
CHAN: We didn't expect so many fans to come, so we were quite surprised. We gained strength from their support, so we managed to work even harder.

Q4. If you could appear in a Japanese drama in the future, what role would you want to play?
CHAN: I'd like to star in many kinds of dramas, but more than that, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have activities in Japan.
TAEC: Considering it realistically.... I'd like to play a Korean character. (laughs) I want to play the role of a Korean who studied Japanese and came to Japan, with the hopes that the role can give courage to these people in real life.
WOO: I love the drama called "Hotaru no Hikari", starring Ayase Haruka-san, so I hope to play a character that's just as innocent and cheerful.
JUNSU: I've never actually thought about that, but... if I had to choose, I'd like to try playing a Japanese high school student.
KHUN: I'm still lacking in Japanese, so a character I could play at this point would be, of course, a foreigner.
JUNHO: I wanted to try playing a high school student too...
KHUN: So appear in the drama as Junsu's friend. (laughs)
JUNHO: Okay. I also want to take on a character like Ryuzaki* in "Death Note". I really like that sort of vibe.

Q5. Please give a message to the viewers of "BOSS".
TAEC: I think a lot of people will learn about us for the first time by watching "BOSS". We're always working hard to give a passionate stage performance, so if this piques your interest, I hope you can support us. Please give us a lot of love.
CHAN: For those who are watching us for the first time, you may find us a little strange, but once you get to know us well, maybe you'll think we're actually not bad. (laughs) Please continue to support us.
WOO: Our appearance in the drama was brief, so it may be hard to know everything about us from that scene. We'll do our very best in our activities from here on, so I hope that, in the future, you could spend a lot of time watching and learning about us.
JUNSU: It'd be great if you could understand that we're a performance group by watching the drama. We have different performances too, depending on the song, so I hope you will keep watching us.
KHUN: We've released a single called "Take Off", so if any of you take a liking to us after watching "BOSS", please check it out. Please give us your support!
JUNHO: We want to give everyone in Japan great songs to listen to. We'll do our best!

*T/N: "Ryuzaki" is one of the many aliases of a character called "L" from the popular Japanese manga, "Death Note".

Source: "BOSS" official website
Translation by fantaisie @ W2D

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