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Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Magazine] 2PM More Magazine June 2011

Source: wild2day

Boy's close-up
Catch up on!!
The more you know them, the more obsessed you get!

Since before their debut, 2PM has caused a sensation as "beastly idols", but now their activities in Japan are finally going to start in earnest. We'll do a full analysis of their charms!!

We may be "beastly idols", but all of us are as delicate as rabbits off-camera. (laughs)

---You're popular in Korea and various other Asian countries as beastly idols (jimseungdol). Are you "beastly" off-camera, too!?
TAEC: When Junho concentrates on dancing, singing or songwriting, he totally looks like a beast searching for prey. (laughs)
JUNHO: When I'm playing games, too. Right now, the game "Civilization" is popular amongst the members. It's a great way to relieve stress! For Taecyeon, he physically looks like a beast. He's got a charismatic vibe to him, too. He's also a beast when he's eating. (laughs)
TAEC: 'cause I eat a lot really fast!
CHAN: I'm beastly when I work out, I guess.
WOO: For me, it's when I practice hip-hop dancing in front of the mirror.
KHUN: The fans may have a cute image of me, but..... I'm actually quite manly! Really. (laughs)
JUNSU: Basically, all the members become beasts when they're on stage or doing something they like. But aside from that, especially on our off-time, we're extremely delicate. We're like rabbits. (laughs)

---All 6 of you have lived together since the beginning. Have you moved recently?
WOO: We finally got the single rooms we've all been waiting for.
KHUN: It's like a maisonette.
JUNHO: Taecyeon's shooting for the "Dream High" drama, so he hasn't moved into his room yet.
JUNSU: Chansung's a bit odd. He suddenly started saying stuff like, "I'll take the living room." Even though we were all really worried about him, he erected a wall in the middle of the living room and created a small room for himself! In the end, he has the biggest room out of all of us. (laughs)
TAEC: He's good, isn't he!
JUNSU: He's smart!
CHAN: We came to Japan before I could clean up, so it's still full of cardboard boxes, though. (laughs)
WOO: Now we're focusing on what to do with the interior. We want to make it stylish, but it has to be easy to use, too.
TAEC: As long as I can sleep and eat, I'm okay with any place.

---You're finally going to make a full debut in Japan! Please tell us what you hope to do next.
KHUN: First, we have to master Japanese.
JUNHO: And build up our bodies as beastly idols.
KHUN: Besides our beastly image, we also want to show another side to us.
TAEC: I want to meet everyone in Japan on a big stage. Like Tokyo Dome* or something!
JUNHO: And (with his head bowed) maybe getting........ 1st place....... on the Oricon charts...........
TAEC: We want 1st place!
JUNHO: We'll work hard!
JUNSU: We'll do our best!

*With a seating capacity of 55,000, Tokyo Dome is the biggest Dome, and the ultimate stage for singers, in Japan.

2PM's Roommate Cross-Talk

2PM always divides the rooms in the same fashion every time they come to Japan. Now they'll expose things that only a roommate would know!?

Born on 24 June, 1988. Height: 180cm. Weight: 64kg. Bloodtype: O.
Holds a Thai citizenship. has appeared in countless variety shows in Korea, and is the envy of all for his sweet looks.
Born on 30 April, 1989. Height: 178cm. Weight: 65kg. Bloodtype: B.
His acrobatic dances and dynamic performances are definitely worth a watch. Also appearing in the drama, "Dream High".

WOO: I don't have anything bad to say about Nichkhun! He's really polite with us and the staff - a perfectly thoughtful person. Even if someone forgets their toner, he'll very casually lend it to them.
KHUN: (silently applauds)
WOO: Also, it's great that he sleeps pretty early at night. It's comfortable being with him.
KHUN: Wooyoung's a younger brother who shows me respect. I'm the type to sleep and rise early, so he thoughtfully tries to do things quietly. I'm also quite happy that he uses the shower neatly. (laughs)
WOO: We used to go shopping together, but it's hard to do that since we're so busy nowadays.
KHUN: We'd go to the bookstore after eating out, didn't we. It'd be great if we could all go on a trip together as a group. The beach would be awesome!!
WOO: I want to go skiing. When winter comes!

Born on 27 December, 1988. Height: 185cm. Weight: 76kg. Bloodtype: AB.
Charms fans with his wild rap. A leader-like presence. Also active as a actor in dramas like "Dream High".
Born on 15 January, 1988. Height: 180cm. Weight: 68kg. Bloodtype: A.
Takes charge of the chorus in songs as the main vocalist. Has also debuted as a song and lyrics writer.

TAEC: Junsu has a really pretty voice.
JUNSU: Taecyeon's quite manly~ He's skilled at rap and his acting's good, too. He's very cheerful and always brings up the mood. But lately he's kind of tired, yeah? I want him to sleep more!
TAEC: (cracks up)!! Junsu probably has the skills to be a comedian. Lately, he's been showing that image on TV, so observant fans may have already begun to notice the change?
JUNSU: Fufufu (laughs). Taecyeon may be a beast on stage, but he usually acts super cute off-stage. He laughs so much, he's like the youngest in 2PM. Surprising, isn't it?
TAEC: When we stayed in the same room, Junsu would compose songs next to me before sleeping, and watching him helped me to relax.
JUNSU: We're in different rooms now, though. (laughs) I'm still a little lonely, you know!

Born on 11 February, 1990. Height: 184cm. Weight: 75kg. Bloodtype: B.
Takes charge of the rap, singing, dancing and powerful vocals. Also 2PM's youngest. Has many fans with his handsome looks and muscular body.
Born on 25 January, 1990. Height: 178cm. Weight: 67kg. Bloodtype: A.
Using his brilliant, physical talents, he handles all aspects of a performance. His awesome acrobatics in the middle of songs speak volumes for him.

CHAN: What kind of person is Junho? Hmm....., I can't decide what to say.
JUNHO: Hurry up~! (laughs)
CHAN: He's really smart, and always has profound thoughts about everything. He can also make snap decisions. I really respect him. (glances at Junho) His weak points are....
JUNHO: You can say it. (laughs)
CHAN: Really? We're always like this. (laughs) If I have to give a weak point, it's his impatience.
JUNHO: I really am impatient! Even I agree with that. (cracks up) Honestly, Chansung doesn't have a weak point! Everything I come up with is good. (laughs) I think he really loves 2PM, and he's always thinking about us. He's also very sensitive towards others - a friend I can always rely on. He's manly, too!

Source: More Magazine (June issue)
Scans from Simseol
Translated by fantaisie @ Wild2Day.org

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