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Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Magazine] 2PM Oricon Style Magazine: Interview #04

Weekly 2PM #04
Let's have a 2PM lesson

2PM's Honest Thoughts: The Secret Reports
We'll find out their true nature!!

2PM will debut in Japan on 18 May. Starting from the 3rd round of interviews, we're going to do a close up on each member to further source out their true nature. For the 4th round, we have Junho and Chansung. Please check out what the other members have to say about them too.

He hungrily takes on everything
2PM's most hardworking member!

"I think you won't perform well if you don't believe in yourself."

---What made you interested in the entertainment world?
JUNHO: The interest started when I aspired to be like the stars that appeared on TV. I was especially interested in dancing and acting. For about half a year, I even went to a practice school. So I think my admiration for that luxurious world was strong at first, but as I began working on singing and dancing, I realized how fun and interesting it was, so my wish to improve my skills overcame the desire to appear on TV and become famous.

---When are you thankful that you had debuted as a group?
JUNHO: We've always been together, and it's become natural for us to do things together, so when I have a solo activity, I'd think, "It sure is lonely without the rest," "I wish the others were here." That's when I fully realize that the members' presence has been a great source of strength for me. Besides that, it's fun when the 6 of us are together. (laughs)

---Are you passive in your solo activities, then?
JUNHO: That's not what I mean. I just often feel that I'm not good enough yet. I think now is the time to work hard and further improve my skills.

---What skill or aspect of your character makes you stand out amongst the 2PM members?
JUNHO: I'm confident in everything - acrobatics, dancing, singing and acting! It's not conceit, but more that I think you won't perform well if you don't believe in yourself. This is especially so for acrobatics, where teamwork is important. I actually made a mistake once and injured myself. But, in order not to become traumatized, I had no choice but to keep practising. I think you can do almost anything as long as you work hard.

The members talk: what kind of person is Junho?
CHAN: Impatient. (laughs) But despite that, he has profound thoughts and his contrasting personality is interesting.
JUNSU: A hard worker!
WOO: At first glance, he looks like a domineering person, but he's actually mischievous, honest and hardworking.
KHUN: The youngest who's going through puberty.
TAEC: Charming with his cool, manly side.

Loved by the members
The youngest brother

"I'm not the type to act cute on my own accord!"

---What made you interested in the entertainment world?
CHAN: I had an interest in dramas and variety shows when I was a child. After that, I also wanted to try modeling. But as I worked on my song and dance lessons, I realized how fun it was to do music with everyone.

---When are you thankful that you had debuted as a group?
CHAN: All the time. The members comfort me when I'm down, and help me out when I have problems. I haven't felt lonely at all since I separated from my parents. After living together for a while, the members and I can tell how the other person's feeling on that day. For example, without saying, "I'm worried about this certain thing right now," the members would know and ask, "Are you okay?" We draw out problems with our consideration and concern for each other. I think we can kinda grow as people, too...

---The members seems to call you the "youngest" or the "grandpa".
CHAN: That's probably who I really am. (laughs) In any case, when I'm with the others, I'm completely natural, without a care for anything.

---Are you actually the youngest in your family?
CHAN: I have one older brother.

---Are you good at acting cute, then?
CHAN: Not at all! I'm not the type to act cute on my own accord!

---You have a large stature; is that genetic?
CHAN: My dad is big, but my mom is petite. Weight-training's a reason for my big stature, too. During a particularly intense training period, I met up with a high school friend whom I hadn't seen for 3 months, and the friend was really shocked at how huge I had become. (laughs)

The members talk: what kind of person is Chansung?
JUNSU: A glutton!
JUNHO: The youngest. Cute.
WOO: Thoughtful and willing to see things from another's viewpoint.
KHUN: Like a friend next door. (laughs)
TAEC: Huge.

Source: Oricon Style Magazine
Scans from hiyoko45
Translated by fantaisie @ Wild2Day.org

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