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Sunday, May 8, 2011

[Magazine] 2PM Oricon Style Magazine: Interview #03

Weekly 2PM #03
Let's have a 2PM lesson

2PM's Honest Thoughts: The Secret Reports
We'll find out their true nature!!

2PM will debut in Japan on 18 May. In this 3rd round of interviews, we're going to do a close up on each member to further source out their true nature. First we'll start with Taecyeon and Nichkhun! Please check out what the other members have to say about them too.

Rap! Acting!
2PM's genius

"I'm usually a bright person, but that changes when I start working; look out for that change in personality!"

---What do you try to keep in mind when it comes to the 2PM members?
TAEC: That isn't really anything I pay special attention to. I think they'll follow me as long as I show them how much effort I'm putting into my work, so I'm always working hard as a member of the group.

---Out of singing, dancing and rapping, which do you like best?
TAEC: Instead of choosing an aspect, what I like is standing on stage and showing all our performances to our audience. It's fun. I do write my own rap though, so I'm quite particular. Whether in English or Japanese, I try to write lyrics with words that don't break apart individually and are easily conveyed.

---You have acting jobs in Korea as well. What makes acting interesting?
TAEC: First of all, it's really fun to become a character, to play a role that's different from myself. It's interesting to do and say things that I myself wouldn't, and I can also learn a lot from immersing into the character's feelings.

---Are acting and music completely different things?
TAEC: In contrast with music, which clearly appeals the global view of songs through our mind and bodies, acting has to do with the profound expression of minute emotions through a gaze or a facial expression. However, they're the same in that both are an expression of something. Both acting and music are fun, and I hope I can further improve myself with their influence.

---Finally, please tell the fans your best selling point!
TAEC: I'm usually a bright person, but once I get into work, I become passionately focused, so please look out for this change in personality!

The members talk: what kind of person is Taecyeon!!
CHAN: Optimistic and positive! Very energetic.
JUNSU: Passion!
JUNHO: He's cool, both inside and outside!
WOO: He gives off a manly image, but he's also kind and innocent.
KHUN: The oldest in the group.

The members agree as well
2PM's most beautiful boy!

"The members often call me a grandpa; because I talk to myself a lot (laughs) so maybe I seem old despite my age"

---You entered this industry because you were scouted, right?
KHUN: Yes. They approached me when I was hanging out with friends, but I was completely uninterested at the time, and I didn't want to do it. So I rejected the offer, but one day, they called me out to a cafe and suddenly asked me to dance in front of a camera. (laughs)

---That's rather high-handed of them. (laughs)
KHUN: But after that, as we talked about it, my feelings gradually changed. I'm really glad that I'm in 2PM now, and I can't imagine what I'd be doing if I hadn't taken this job.

---So in the end, you think this is a fitting job for you.
KHUN: I don't know if it's fitting or not, but I get super pumped when I stand on stage; it's like I'm a different person. I'm really enjoying it from the bottom of my heart.

---What kind of personality do you usually have?
KHUN: I'm a worrywart. I have to do everything perfectly no matter what, so I become cautious. I think I might just be neurotic, but I want to relax a little. The members often call me a grandpa. (laughs)

---Do you act like an elderly? (laughs)
KHUN: I'm always careful and very neat. Whenever the members are noisy, I would tell them, "Let's keep it down, okay?" I also talk to myself a lot. (laughs) Because of that, I probably seem old despite my age. I like to think I have more curiosity and a stronger desire to challenge myself than most people, though.....

---What would you like to try in Japan?
KHUN: I want to go to lots of places. Shibuya, Shinjuku - I want to walk around different streets and learn more about Japan.

The members talk: what kind of person is Nichkhun!!
CHAN: Kind and cool!
JUNSU: Handsome, basically!
JUNHO: His face is pretty! His heart is pretty too, I guess.
WOO: Kind and considerate to the people around him.
TAEC: A gentleman.

Source: Oricon Style Magazine
Scans from yooko_11
Translated by fantaisie @ Wild2Day.org

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