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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Magazine][ENG] 110518 2pm on Kan Fun Magazine

2PM, the bestly idols' first Japan tour turned out to be extremely successful.

The boys finally appeared on "PICK UP PHOTO" this time.

We had a shooting in studio in Tokyo. All the members were cheerful and the shooting went on very smoothly with their bright personalities. They talked about the tour as well.

----Tell me your impressions of your first tour in Japan.
Junho: I was very happy to visit each city in Japan. It was very new and fresh experience to me. The venues were very small so the fans and we could feel each other and enjoy the performances together.
Nichkhun: It was fun to feel the fans in such small venues. We should use this experience to make the next stages better.
Chan: Of course I enjoyed a lot visiting many cities and fans, but I am really happy that I had so many famous delicious dishes.
Taec: (In Japanese) I was so touched that many fans came to see our stage. The next tour is coming up soon. I am very excited about it.
Wooyoung: (In Japanese) I was very happy to enjoy the performance together with fans. Yes, that's all.

----Which city stands out in your memory?
Chan: (In Japanese) During this stay in Japan, Wooyoung and I went to *Onsen (*hot springs) near Tokyo. It was *Rakuraku actually. (*easy, comfortable/ In some other random interview he said it was the latest word in Japanese he's learned.)
Junho: (In Japanese) Me, Taecyeon and Nichkhun went to Disneyland. We had so much fun there.
Taec: (In Japanese) 12 people recognized us and I was so happy. I counted.
Nichkhun: Personally, I loved Sapporo. The weather was nice and the different types of food were delicious. (In Japanese) I liked Miso ramen, it was so good!!
Wooyoung:  For me, because I've been to Nagoya for Dream High shooting before, I have such a good impression there.
Junsu: Although I liked all the cities, Fukuoka was the most memorable one. The hotel was just in front of the ocean and I liked the view too.

----How was your health condition?
Junho: I was OK.
Taec: (In Japanese) I'm OK now, but 3 of us got flu during the tour.

----Who did?
Chan: Taecyeon, Junsu and Nichkhun.
Nichkhun & Wooyoung:  We had garlic injection.
Junho: Oh I can smell garlic...

----Many of your Japanese fans came to see you. What would you like to tell them?
Junho: At first, I am very thankful to you for coming. We started something new with Take Off, so I hope we will have other oppotunities to see you in the future.
Nichkhun: I hope that JYP Nation concert will be stunning.
Chan: (In Japanese) Thank you very much for having come. See you at the next tour.
Wooyoung: In fact, we are getting ready for the new single after Take Off. I am confident with this one, so please look forward to it.
Junsu: (In Japanese) I felt much love from the Japanese fans.

----Are there any differences between Japanese fans and Korean fans?
Junsu: Whichever country they are from, the heart they love us with is the same. We are always very thankful for it. (Members applause)

----JYP Nation...?
Taec: This coming August 17th and 18th, we will be holding events with our JYP family. A lot of JYPE artists will join in. We are preparing some performances that we cannot do with 6 members. Please look forward to it.

----Some messages to fans, please?
Junho: Let's Take Off together.
Nichkhun: Please cheer yourself up with listening to our single Take Off.
Chan: (In Japanese) I am looking forward to our future activities in Japan.
Taec: (In Japanese) Thank you so much for loving us, and love us even more, thank you.
Wooyoung: (In Japanese) I heard many of our fans bought Take Off, I sincerely thank you all.
Junsu: We, 2PM will always be pationate. Please listen to our music a lot.

Hi-Touch with 40,000 fans

2PM held a Hi Touch event in Yokohama on May 21st. 6 member kept smiling and hi-touching 40,000 fans for 6 hours until 5PM.

By the way, the first one to line up came at 7:30PM the day before. The members got so excited about the 2km long queue.

Junsu said "I felt so much love from the Japanese fans that Hi-Touch was not enough to communicate it." Wooyoung said "I'd like to make and show better performances in return for lining up and wait for so long."

In addition, the sales of Take Off reached 59.000 in the first week, and placed No4 on Oricon Ranking. This is the largest sales of Kpop artists' debut singles.

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Jpn-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways | Edit by Egle @2pmalways

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