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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[News] 2PM celebrates their 1000th day since debut

On the 31st of May, 2PM celebrated their 1000th day anniversary as they updated their homepage with heartfelt messages dedicated to their fans.

Despite going through various struggles since starting in the music industry, 2PM individually left handwritten messages thanking fans for their support. Expressing their gratitude, Nichkhun started off by stating, "You've been through a lot~ But thank you for being by our side throughout it all! Take care always, and let's become rich together!! Fighting!"

Wooyoung followed suit with a lengthy post by stating, "Ddeuak~ 1000 days of 2PM already~!! We went through a lot and you've always been there for us...We're deeply moved♡ We're breaking sweat today as well to hear you shout our names! We'll work hard everyday till the end to hear you shout for us!! You'll be there with us too, won't you??^o^"

Keeping it short and simple, Taecyeon shared his greeting by saying, "1000th day!! So happy to be with you!!". In addition, Chansung expressed his thoughts by stating, "1000 days of 2PM! Thank you fans so much for being with us for 1,000 days, and let's have fun together for many more days to come!^^ I love you♡ "

Wishing to see more of their fans until their 10,000th day, Junsu revealed, "Let's celebrate 1000 days of 2PM together♡ Thank you so much for dashing along with us to this day, and see you there on the 10,000th day♡ Jun.K ALL The WAY." Junho further stated, "We've been together for 1000 days now^-^ Time flies real fast. Just like what we've learned from those past days, let's continue to be a couple that give faith and help to each other. Hottest fighting~!!^-^"

After reading these messages left by each member as they celebrated their 1000th day as a group, what are your thoughts on 2PM's new achievement in the industry?

Source: 2PMAlways

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