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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[News] 8 of the Heaviest Male Idol Groups and Their Animal Counterparts

After news of the G8 girls on Invincible Youth 2 having a combined weight less than that of a horse, we got a little curious. Which male idol groups are the heaviest and what animal has the same weight? So here is a list of male idol groups and their animal counterparts.


Leeteuk - 59kg, Donghae - 60kg, Eunhyuk - 58kg, Yesung - 64kg, Kyuhyun - 68kg, Sungmin - 57kg, Ryeowook - 58kg, Siwon - 65kg, Shindong - 91kg, Kangin - 70kg

One of the largest, and heaviest, groups in the wonderful world of Kpop. With all 10 active member’s weights (Kangin included because he is now out of the army), the group has a combined weight of 650kg (1,433 lbs). That is almost equal to the weight of an adult male polar bear - which can weigh between 350–680 kg (770 - 1,500 lbs). I never would have thought the groups weight would equal that of the ‘Coca-Cola’ bear.


Soohyun - 67kg, Eli - 70kg, Kevin - 50kg, Hoon - 65kg, AJ - 58kg, Kiseop - 61kg, Dongho - 60kg

With seven members, you would expect their total weight to be a little high. But did you think it could be 431kg (950 lbs)? Well, it is. And that means they weigh as much as a lion/tiger hybrid called a ‘liger.’ They can weigh up to 450kg (1000 lbs) - and it looks like U-KISS isn’t that far behind.


Junsu - 68kg, Junho - 67kg, Nichkhun - 64kg, Taecyeon - 76kg, Wooyoung - 65kg, Chansung - 75kg

2PM is said to be one of the heaviest male groups and with a combined weight of 415kg (915 lbs) I would have to agree. The interesting part: as a group, they weigh as much as an adult brown bear. The brown bear can weigh anywhere between 400 and 900 pounds but there have been records of them getting a lot bigger. And one could say the same about 2PM if they keep gaining muscle.


Yoonhak - 64kg, Sungje - 67kg, Kwangsoo - 66kg, Sungmo - 65kg, Jihyuk - 71kg, Geonil - 67kg

The six member group has gained a lot of popularity since their debut in 2007, but one thing they have maintained from the beginning was their weight. The group’s combined weight is 400kg (882 lbs) which may seem a little big but they are actually quite healthy. Just like the Galapagos tortoise. This marvelous creature has been known to weigh up to and over 400kg - the same weight as Supernova - and have a lifespan of 100+ years. Hopefully, Supernova - and all of our favorite idols - will be around that long.


Yong Guk - 60kg, Zelo - 63kg, Himchan - 69kg, Youngjae - 65kg, Daehyun - 63kg, Jongup - 66kg

This ‘Power’-ful group is a whole lot bigger than you think - and I’m not just talking about popularity. Every member weighs 60kg or more making their total group weight 386kg (850 lbs). That means they weigh more than a Siberian tiger with a weight of 306 kg (670 lb). And with their comeback happening soon, I think it is a perfect fit for their fierce looks.


Jinon - 68kg, Kan - 72kg, Yejun - 67kg, Raehyun - 62kg, Daegun - 62kg

The five member group recently made a comeback and are jumping from music programs to variety shows; sort of like a zebra? Well, maybe not. But they do have something in common - their weight. F.CUZ’s total weight is 331kg (730 lbs), which is a little less than a zebra’s average weight of 350kg (770 lbs). Oh and another thing they have in common: Jinon’s new hair.


Hyun Joong - 68kg, Youngsaeng - 63kg, Kyu Jong - 65kg, Jungmin - 67kg, Hyung Joon - 66kg

While SS501 haven’t done much together lately, they still know how to eat right. With a combined weight of 329kg (725 lbs) they proven it. But what animal weighs 725lbs? The American bison. They have been known to weigh up to 2200 lbs (1000kg). I just hope our idols don’t get that big, unless we’re talking about a popularity growth. Then they can get as big as they want.


Seungho - 63kg, G.O - 65kg, Joon - 65kg, Cheondoong - 65kg, Mir - 63kg

This power house of a group is know to have a ’soft’ leader, but don’t hold that against him. The member’s combined weight makes up for it - 321kg (708 lbs). And the interesting animal that has the same weight: the Russian wild boar. It can weigh up to 320kg (705.5 lbs) and with their noctural behavior they seem to be a perfect fit for an idol. Don’t you think?

You may not have thought that this was interesting before, but after seeing all of the groups combined weights compared to animals, you’ve got to admit; It kind of is. Especially when some of the animals behaviors (or looks) match that of our favorite idols. Who would have known?

Source: blog.ningin

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