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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[News] 2PM and Suzy Represent Korea as Tourism Reps

Images of 2PM and miss A trying to show Korea’s charm was captured.

Recently, a photo from a film site of “Touch Korea Tour,” was revealed on an online community site. The revealed photo shows Korea tourism honorary ambassadors, 2PM’s Chansung and Junho and miss A’s Suzy. They are busy trying to show the taste and appeal of Korea with 15 “Korea manias.”

Suzy stood out because she tied her hair neatly in half and wore a floral patterned sky-blue one piece dress. Netizens exclaimed on her innocent beauty.

“Touch Korea Tour” is a 2012 official global campaign from the Korea Tourism Organization to target people who love Korea all around the world. This campaign will allow people to participate and interact with the Korean culture.

Korea tourism honorary ambassadors, 2PM and miss A, participated inthe “Touch Korea Tour,” in order to let people know about Korea’s attractions and to make special memories.

Meanwhile, the Korea Tourism Organization is trying to open a site based on the contents created by “Touch Korea Tour.” With this site, they are trying to offer opportunities to share and experience Korea to foreign tourists.

Source: soompi

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