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Thursday, June 21, 2012

[News] 2PM to particpate in the ‘Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race’

It has been announced that 2PM and KBS‘ ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’ will be participating in the ’2012 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Race’!

The members of 2PM as well as KBS’ ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’ will be representing Korea to attend Hong Kong’s boat festival scheduled to take place in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong July 2nd. In the evening, 2PM along with a few other Korean and Hong Kong artists will be putting on an exciting performance at the San Miguel Beer Garden to chase away the summer heat. Because the performance is one part of the entire festival, it will be put on free of charge.

The boat festival is an annual celebration that started back in 2000. It commemorates the memory of China’s national hero, Qu Yuan, a poet who drowned himself in the Miluo River to protest against the corruption of the government officials of his time. The modern day boat festival has now become a traditional sport and event of Hong Kong, and deemed a holiday that can be enjoyed by all.

Participants of the boat race are divided into teams of 20-22. With their teams, they must complete a dynamic 10-meter course while driving a dragon-shaped boat. The difficulty of the task is said to be something that cannot be described in words, but is an exciting and fun sport to play and to watch.

This year’s theme for the event is titled ‘2012 Hong Kong, Asia World Tour‘, and it will provide the guests and tourists an opportunity to directly experience the colorful culture of Hong Kong and its festivals. Hong Kong offers a wide variety of enjoyable festivals throughout the year, including the Lunar New Year’s festival in January, the Hong Kong International Film Festival in March, and the food festival as well as Buddha’s birthday celebratory event in May. Tourists can also experience the mega shopping season of Hong Kong in August, the city’s exotic Halloween festival in October, the abundant feasts provided in the food and wine festivals of November, and the New Year’s countdown celebration in December. With this year-long schedule planned out in advance, tourists are able to experience the fusion of both eastern and western culture that Hong Kong is known to harbor.

Source: Asia News Agency via allkpop

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