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Friday, June 22, 2012

[News] Fan site donates money to help multicultural children to celebrate Nichkhun’s birthday

2PM‘s Nichkhun received a meaningful gift for his upcoming birthday on the 24th.

According to one of Nichkhun’s fan sites, ‘kobkhunkadotcom‘, the fans delivered a meaningful  birthday gift to Children and the Future, a social service agency that helps children in and out of the country to dream of  bright futures.

For Nichkhun’s 25th birthday, the members of kobkhunkadotcom collected around $4,300 (5 million KRW) from January to May and donated it to support multicultural children in Korea.

The members shared, “Nichkhun once said that his most memorable gift from the fans was a donation certificate so we prepared this special donation for his birthday this year.

They also added, “Since the star we like is showing his interest and participation in donations, the fans seem to enthusiastically participate more in donations or volunteering.

The Children and the Future’s ‘Star?, Donate?‘ is a meaningful fund-raising campaign where the fan clubs can donate to isolated children and teens in their stars’ names to celebrate special days such as their birthdays, debut days, or the start of movies or dramas.

These types of events allow the fans’ to show their love for their stars while promoting awareness of worthy causes.

Source: Star News via Nate via allkpop

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