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Friday, June 8, 2012

[News] Smash does a ‘Brave Guys’ parody and reveals, “We’re one week sunbaes of 2PM”

On the June 7th episode of PalmTV‘s ‘IdolTV Smash‘, idol group Smash did a hilarious parody of ‘Brave Guys’.

In their parody, Smash’s Youngsuk revealed, “You think we’re rookies, but we’re actually sunbaes of 2PM by one week.” Member Jungsu then commented, “Nobody knows about this.” 2PM and Smash debuted together in 2008.

Leader Hyunjoon stated, “Show [the parody] short and sweet. TEEN TOP! Your agency’s president and I are of the same age,” referring to Shinhwa‘s Andy. Hyunjoon was actually born in 1980, and Andy was born in early 1981.

Smash also jokingly commented on Tony An‘s birthday, “We’ll give you money so buy yourself ice cream. You’re running a food business lately. We ate dinner at another restaurant today,” showing their comfortable relationship.

Tony An and Smash collaborated for Smash’s latest album and recently completed their promotional activities together.

Source: TVDaily via Nate via allkpop

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