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Saturday, June 30, 2012

[News] K-Pop Stars Take Asian Visitors on Tour of Seoul

2PM's Taec-yeon and Miss A's Chinese members Jia and Fei made time in their busy schedules for K-pop fans from Chinese-speaking countries to guide them around Seoul on Tuesday.

They were selected by the Korea Tourism Organization after it organized a promotional event with the celebrities to help foreigners enjoy Korean cuisine and soak up some of the country's charms. The organization invited K-pop fans to upload their videos to win a week-long trip to the country including one day in Seoul with the stars.

2PM's Taec-yeon (fifth from left) and Miss A's Jia (second from left) and Fei (second from right) pose with fans from Chinese-speaking countries at a department store in Seoul on Tuesday. /Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization

On the last day of their seven-day tour, which took them to cities such as Andong, Busan and Tongyeong, the five tourists in their 20s from China, Taiwan and Singapore were shown several tourist attractions in Seoul's wealthy Gangnam area.

They also shopped together with stars, who gave them fashion tips, showed them how to imitate their styles and took them to boutiques in the nearby areas. The foreign tourists wore clothes that the stars picked out for them and had a photo shoot together. Later, they dined together and shared their thoughts.

"I got a chance to experience how fans of the Korean Wave could extend their love [of Korean music] to encompass the country as a whole," said Taec-yeon. Jia, who talked with the tourists in fluent Chinese. "I felt that Asian people's interest in Korean fashion styles, as well as Korean Wave stars in general, has increased."

Souce: englishnews@chosun.com

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