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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Twitter] Taecyeon Twitter Interview with a fan

On June 04,2012 via Taecyeon official Twitter he answered a special request from a fan in S.Korea and the conversation and info below:

FAN: Taecyeon oppa hello? I’m a student attending Hyewon Girls’ School. There’s an interview assignment for career assessment. I want to do an interview on a singer. Will you answer some questions for me? Please ??

TAEC: Let’s try. I can’t do it for long, so let’s keep it short~

FAN: Thank you so much ?? What made you decide this career?

TAEC: The biggest motivation behind becoming a singer was probably my curiosity. While I was attending high school in America, I was still very interested in the culture of my former homeland, Korea. Also, when I had the opportunity to audition, it seemed like I wanted to challenge my curiosity and courage~

FAN: As a professional singer, when do you find it difficult and likewise, when is it most rewarding?

TAEC: I think it’s the most difficult when we’re preparing before releasing an album. Because we always have thoughts of wanting to show a better side, a more developed side to us, we worry about how people will think. I think that’s the hardest part.

TAEC: The most rewarding moment is when my parents compliment me when they come to concerts or big performances and see the fans cheering and the performing side of me.

The fan had more questions for him, but he didn’t answer.

FAN: What are your thoughts on the future of this career?
FAN: What kind of personality, talent, and qualities do you think are needed for this career?

Source: Taecyeon's twitter via fyeahokcat via http://en.korea.com

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